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Yellow Mountain Imports

Well as part of my multipronged celebration of an upcoming new gig I’m pondering placing an order at Yellow Mountain Imports, however their shipping (being from the states) is killer, but they do have some weird stuff that Payday Games (my favoured UK supplier) don’t stock.

So if you fancy some stones (non-leaded yunzi, marble or biodegradable, antibacterial starch), some stupidly cheap bowls, a board (if you feel like chipping in more shipping than others, I’d advise picking up boards and glass stones from a eurovendor) or even some mahjongg bits and bobs or even a yixing clay tea thermos then let me know in the next day or so, I’ll price things up and let people know what kind of horrific shipping and VAT charges we’d face (if shippings too high I reserve the right to chicken out :)