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Much awoo about nothing

Okay the title only makes sense when you know the running gag that werewolves make a noise written just as “awoo” and pretty much anything they do can be referred to as awoo :)

So yeah I was running for the Freshers One Shots today, although I hoovered up a bunch of oldbies, but I was running OWoD (as its known) Werewolf The Apocalypse, which was truth be told pretty kick ass.  The pitch was basically that the Garou of the UK had worked out that the only way to actually deal with this whole apocalypse thing was to stop being grouchy rustics and ill educated malcontents and instead press forward by educating the young pups and seeing if they could come up with a solution to problems. Continue reading

Things that I really like: Werewolf The Apocalypse

Since there was a challenge to write about things I like I thought I couldn’t resist. I was however then stumped being as much of my communication lately has involved unashamed trashing of Things That Suck(tm), so I thought it best to write something more positive, and hence I thought back to the fun times of yesteryear and remembered the goodness that is Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

While I’ve got a lot of love for several of the early WoD games (Werewolf and Mage were fantastic, Vampire was okay, Changling and Wraith were interesting experiments and the kind of thing I’d want to run sometimes when they fit ideas nicely) I think in many ways early Werewolf was my first serious modern day roleplaying game and just has a special place in my heart. I remember my first exposure was reading a copy that belonged to my cousin, and just being slightly in awe, the whole mix of heroism and defiance (well or living it up in hopeless nihilism while you can) in the face of what was to all extents and purposes the end of the world. The tribes were nicely fleshed out, character concepts good, it hooked into the punky resurgence of the mid-nineties and had a gritty feel I’ve not experienced quite the same since. I mean sure it had problems (Page XX anyone?) but just the basic book had plenty of detail to go into and ran really nicely without any of the million supplements.

And in many ways the mythology of Werewolf underpins much of the old World of Darkness, that and Mage really mesh beautifully to give a fully realised world, and while you feel the Vampires are doing stuff that matters they can’t really link into the whole mystical current of the other two games and understand the origin of how they got where they were (which possibly just adds to their tragic). The triple forces that go into shaping the WoD, Creation (Wyld), Structure (Weaver) and Destruction (Wyrm) nicely fitted together and you could see how they were originally a self supporting system that accidentally spiralled out of control. These forces were general enough to be retrofitted onto many other cultures and myths, which enabled you to really get into playing all kinds of crazy Garou from all over the place, yet they were able to communicate with the other tribes as well.

The society of Werewolves made it really interesting as well, and the culture that bonded Garou to their Tribe and also the cross-tribe bonds of Sept (geographic area) and Pack (group of garou) as well as the five auspices of the moon enabled interesting character interaction, the bonds that hold characters being both helpful for favours and greasing the social wheels and bad for keeping the younger pups in line when perhaps they know what they should be doing, and enabling some fantastic power plays and treachery.

One day I’m sure I’ll get my stuff together and pick up a copy of Forsaken to read as I hear its good, but I heartily recommend anyone who likes well written games think about giving Apocalypse a try.