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Strange new music

Okay, so this morning I was wittering at Jonno about the joy of strange new music I’ve found, and low and behold he hadn’t really heard of any of it.  Now I admit I’ve also gotten introduced to all kinds of odd new folky things (mostly Joni Mitchell) from Lee lately which has been all good but kind of washed over me.  However via chatting with random people and getting linked to stuff via youtube mainly I’ve found a few more bands that have oddly been eating up my listening time.  So yeah this is the mega music dump post :)  Hopefully I’ll do shorter ones in the future.  To be honest I think the best stuff is at the start and the end of this … or at least thats my opinion right now?  Not sure, you may just want to try it all or skip about :)

First off there’s the ever epic C.N. Lester (who’s blog is also pretty epic) who recently made an album called Aether, which is sort of haunting, floaty and ethereal piano driven stuff, well worth a listen if you like that kind of thing.  The titular track Aether is available on youtube and really the rest of the album is close in style, although personally I find the track “Codine Blues” is probably the best tune on it.

Contrasting with that I’ve also been listening occasionally to Die Antwoord who are … oddly compelling, musically they’re a South African rap-rave band from Cape Town, probably the best things off there are I Fink U Freeky which has a chirpy almost 90s sound to it and an epicly surreal video, although the album does dip occasionally into iffy kinda misogynistic stuff and at least one of their videos has gotten slammed for blackface.

On a more electricy selection try Avicii – who’s a lot of fun to be honest and does some really funky stuff, for examples see: Silhouettes (epic trans content), Addicted To You (female bank robbers ahoy!) and Wake Me Up (just kinda perky you know).

Back to more smooth stuff (warning – potential hipster warning) I can also recommend the epic Caravan Palace for being awesomely French electro-swing, which is just all kinds of groovy and bouncy without delving into being bleepy electric stuff mainly.  Particularly I can recommend Jolie Coquine, We Can Dance (both from the first album “Caravan Palace”) and Rock It For Me (for the singers suit if nothing else), Dramaphone from the second “Panic”.  Also this entire gig IM Karlstor Bahnhof Heidelberg.  In related news I’ve also had Caro Emerald recommend, which is apparently Dutch jazz, try Liquid Lunch.

From a more rocky standpoint I’d suggest trying Against Me‘s excellent album Transgender Dysphoria Blues, I think written to brain dump everything after their lead singer transitioned recently.  I’d probably recommend Talking Transgender Dysphoria Blues and Paralytic States for being the two tracks to best cover the source material, in general however the acoustic tune Two Coffins a tale of romance until death is actually the best thing on the whole album.

Lastly if you want some more acousticy Icelandic kind of pop stuff try Of Monsters And Men who’s album “My Head Is An Animal” is well recommend for pretty much every track on it, but in particular try Dirty Paws (multi-layered weird narrative), Your Bones (strange tale of … population migration, boats, weird I have no idea but its beautiful rolling noise) and also Little Talks (couples, mental illness, boat/house based metaphor) – seriously this whole album is just pure bottled amazing.

So yeah I think that’s about everything I’ve been listening too lately thats been unusual stuff, and if anyone likes any of it in particular let me know I’ll be impressed :)


There’s a project afoot to record the stories of my University as a place a community, and one of the parts is filming people holding up single words to describe the place, I was talking to Lee online about this and saying:

How do I sum up the place I came with no real clue why I was here, that’s given me an education and a job, friends, a house, where I’ve gone from asexual to heterosexual to bisexual to homosexual to bisexual queer, from aromantic to poly, from experiencing self as male to experiencing self as female, transitioning, falling in love with people, failed relationships, taking up new hobbies, dropping old ones, walking about in the early hours, learning magic, becoming a kind of pagan, running talks, reading books, the fog and mist and rain straight from the sea and lakes and mountains in the distance :)

And his suggestion was just “Revelatory” which I think kind of fits.  It’s not so much the University itself – as in many ways upper management are kind of lizard people at times and feel disconnected, but its the community that it fosters on its campus and in town, the friendly people I’ve basically grown up with (I think I avoided doing a lot of growing up pre-Uni, or at least it feels that way now) and who have been there for me and let me be there for them in adventurous too numerous and surreal to list them all.

Sure I may not live here forever, but I’ve really rather enjoyed a lot of the time I have lived here, so thanks to everyone who’s done that with me.

Mawwage is wot bwings us togeffer

Okay so it was kind of weird tuning into the debating that occurred yesterday, over the second reading of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. It was one of those events with a mix of fine oratory and interesting points (on both sides of the debate) along with some truly touching moments, and a healthy dose of flat out bigotry from the opposition.

The weird thing was (a) that some of these arguments were being advanced by otherwise reasonable people and (b) that I actually gave a shit about the whole thing.

As someone whose had a long and healthy opposition to the current surroundings of marriage (cultural, legal, etc) I’d historically been non-plussed by the rush of the mainstream gay community towards it. It wasn’t something that really spoke to me as a person. It’s possibly because I’m young(er) and also I don’t neatly fit into monogamy (although I mostly get read as straight) that I just didn’t feel the vibe from marriage.

Anyway, so it was kind of weird to tune in, and actually connect with it — to feel that this was actually an important issue being debated. Weird stuff the brain :)

The “standard” model (for gender)

Okay, I thought I should post this summary, its hardly going to be exact because I’m not brilliantly read in the area (I’ve picked it up piecemeal from reading the odd theory or activist book), but its got some useful concepts in that are handy for discussion (oh and yeah, I’m aware that a lot of these areas can overlap quite happily :) My view of the model starts from the “bottom” if you will and builds layers on “top” of the proceeding layers, although theres debate about how they interact, I think some people see them as more a floating cloud of qualities. This is a really fast write up so lacking citations, although those can be provided if required. And yes this was pretty much written up to back up my comments posted in response to a recent post over on luvlymish.com. But anyway, this is the “standardish” model for gender theorists as of about nowish probably, unless I’ve missed something:

Oh, and before I forget, time for the fun last minute disclaimer: It’s only a model and The map is not the territory while its not a bad theory its certainly not going to cover everyone all the time, especially if people think each of these things is static and unchanging.

The 'standard'ish model