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The Big Smoke

So last weekend I was down in London supporting Mish on her recent epic quest to run the London Marathon (which by the way she totally totally did in awesome time and raised a boat load of cash for Asthma UK :)  Awesome), and one thing this trip enabled me to do was more travelling about London on the tube dropping off bags on the Saturday while Mish registered, and then later for socialising and finally chasing her along the route by use of the tube to cheer her on at multiple points.

One thing I find more interesting is that every time I go down to London I get a bit more comfy travelling about the core of it at least, learning little bits of tube and connections, and learning more about what each area is like, and how some of them link up.  I mostly know it as a series of bubbles around tube stops, which makes the whole city seem kind of strange and multiple.

This time it gave me more of a sense of being huge, vast and varied, and also I got the impression that these days I could probably live there, at least for a while – and additionally it got me speculating about various parallel universes where other-me’s ended up there at various stages of life – just sort of imagining being there and getting involved in all kinds of random shit, I suspect I’d probably have ended up as a really pretentious shit bag.

But yeah, fascinating place to visit, and they really seem to deal well with big events – the crowds were all friendly, they interacted with random bands, played football in the streets and generally had a good time of things :)  Highly recommended as a trip, would do again.  Also got to walk across Greenwich Park, although sadly I didn’t get to meet The Starwife in my haste, maybe next time :)

Things as they should be (warning: Braindump)

Well its been ages since I posted properly and not just random links so I guess I should write something I’ve been pondering over for a while.

It first occured to me while I was doing the washing up in the aftermath of the Eskmeals Yellow Sign event (an event of cosmic archaeological import, written about by others elsewhere) to ponder why it is that hanging around after events like the Yellow Sign is quite so satisfying. This thought was later intensified by a recent holiday to Wales (which was very good, the Centre for Alternative Technology was filled with awesome, Snowdon was filled with a different and more painful kind of awesome).

Anyway I got to pondering day to day life, and why it is that the holiday or after-event period is so satisfying. Part of it I think is the fact that you aren’t having to do work you aren’t interested in, but that clearly can’t be all of it, because theres always cleaning, moving heavy things, washing up etc. to do during these periods. The kinds of jobs people normally find quite dull.

So I suspect it boils down to the simplicity of it all, instead of coming home, doing a frantic bout of washing and cooking before rushing out to do something else you take it easy. After the event specificially was like this, things got done, but in a relaxed way, people interacted but in a non-stressed environment, there was something satisfying about it because everything was simple. Things need doing, so everyone does them, things need cleaning so everyone cleans then, people are hungry they eat, people are tired they take a nap.

Certainly something to ponder over, perhaps I should aim to just simplify my life down some more, reduce the amount of rushing between events to a minimum, or perhaps I should just stop checking my mail and LJ whilst at home so much, since random purposeless net browsing eats into time that should be spent more constructively, reading, washing, napping etc. Although communicating online could be said to be a simple and constructive thing.

Anyway, back to Perl and waiting for news of deliveries of pointy things.