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Trains, planes and automobiles

So I’ve done another round trip circling the Pennines this weekend, and stopped off along the way to have a drink with a friend and a general nice in person catch up, which was awesome.

On the way there I had a hot water bottle resting behind my shoulder for a lot of the trip, and on the way back I thought I’d save weight in my backpack by not packing it, I kind of wish I had, the seats were not overly comfy and ouch. ┬áStill things aren’t as bad as last week so hopefully a good nights sleep will help reset it.

Now back to work on the ‘morrow, although when I got in I got to watch the tail end of the Star Wars trilogy which is awesome as I’ve not seen it for years.

And tomorrow I also get to try and catch up on the news and work out my reactions to the horror I’ve seen floating up from the other side of the pond.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

When I was younger I read a random sci-fi story which featured an alien race who had created faster than light travel, they gave lifts to other species, include humans, but kept them in suspended animation since they thought the FTL would kill them. As part of the plot a human disguises himself as an alien and infiltrates the crew of a ship.

Can anyone name the book?