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Exciting Spreadsheets

My life at the minute has a handful of small¬†exciting spreadsheets in, organising christmas, wet room renovations, seasonal things (argh) and of course … upcoming surgical adventures.

Work currently doesn’t really have any spreadsheets in. ¬†I can’t help but feel this is the right way around to do things.

Is this thing on? I think its on

Right, I think LJ is now back after getting slammed. See this article in Time for a guess as to what’s going on.

In other random news (assuming people are still using LJ, king of all macro blogging services) life goes on. Had a busy time lately thats included BBQ’s, parties sending like a million emails (including getting back in touch with a mate from when I was younger) and buying more chairs (so socialisation is easier) and will write more later about the peril of technological walled gardens (as this seems to be a major issue just lately). But huzzah! LJ’s mostly back.

The Bobbin

Well I thought I’d best post being as I’m trying to shift to a more substancial method of actually writing about things and write about a subject near to the hearts of many.


It has been suggested that as long as the English can get into a pub to make bad jokes about something and drink beer we are unbreakable. I’m not so sure on this front, however the pub as a gathering place is near and dear to the hearts of many.

It can be a tragedy when a pub dies, its community spreads out among similar communities and tries to absorb into them, but it can be a heartening experience when a pub comes back to life. The Bobbin has had its ups and downs in the past 5 years or so, but it seems the formula of the latest attempt is going to work quite well.

Music thats good and on a jukebox, thats audiable but that you can have a slightly shouty conversation over (that needs to drop just another point on the volume scale), pool table, tables, beers, reduced amount of giant telly screens.

Its not a complicated formula but for some reason previous landlords have chosen to blast the place with irritating rays from giant tellies to distract people, to wait until 9pm and then deafen them, to attempt to turn a chunk of a busy pub into a dance floor, to take away choice of music, to put on bad events that dominate the pub on a saturday night and generally to piss people off.

Long may this new regime continue.