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The Echoing Green

Okay so this weekend I participated in a funky one off weekend game called Ghosts in Public: The Echoing Green, this was a game run for Mish’s Birthday up at Eskmeals, so it was cold and wintery and also cosy inside with the fires, which was handy because since we were all playing ghosts we couldn’t really leave the house that much :) Continue reading

Empire E3 2017 – Hots & Nots

(mirrored from a long facebook comment)

So apparently the done thing is Hots and Nots for Empire, so here’s a short list of things… I may add more later.

+ Okay Anvil was kind of impressive, even coming over the hill exhausted and travel sick looking out over the sea of tents made me realise the scale of the thing. Also GOD were lovely about me rolling up and being like “Hey I just paid money on the gate what do?”

+ Friendliness of people and willingness of people to talk to me. I showed up to chase down information and rumours about last seasons plot line and got involved in talking to priests, warriors, generals, wise women, cardinals, and the magistrate involved. And pretty much everyone was willing to take as much time as they could between whatever else they were up to to engage in roleplaying with me, although some of those were walking meetings where I was frantically scribbling notes (I still have names to tick off my list).

+ The various camps were super interesting to wander into and kind of chat to people, although I don’t think I made it up to Dawn, let alone into Navarr. Also the Hospital seemed a friendly bunch, I wandered in to hassle them as part of a plot I was chasing up for my own amusement and they were helpful and took time out of their shit to come donate roleplaying to help build my game (shout out to Magdalena and several others who’s names I didn’t catch, oh and Medea Ruth who had a super disturbing dog and I later debated theology with). Also watching them deal with injuries post major battle was pretty cool  Lastly the Orcs were all just wonderfully sliiiiiightly inhuman but all *on message* as Orcs, do you lot teach Orc 101 classes to new people who are joining? (getting thrown out of the Orc camp twice and also chatting to some of you with the Kallavesi egregore was fascinating).

+ Fierce religious/legal debate, again with people who were clearly up to their ears in plot (I even went and talked to Yael about things and we had a few minutes walk and talk) willing to hash out arguments with me or just have their well reasoned and passionate debates in front of witnesses to put their points across, also arguing with others and even changing other priests minds about various motions, and the debating that occurred at the seemingly random Crow meets at (I think) Sherard’s opposite the Artisans Arms (was there a pattern to these things? I just seemed to wander into camp sometimes and we’d kind of clump up). I really quite enjoyed watching the Yael plot bubble up and the heresy trail and execution that I think will have repercussions for a while yet.

+ I finally got to bump into a friend of mine again after a shit load of time, like literally 15 years.


– Environmental factors: I suffered pretty badly from travelling down there, and additionally the long term rain on Friday, and Saturday nights was pretty dampening to the spirits.

– I think I managed to have basically no clue about when official shit was going on, I managed to miss my virtue assembly (my own fault for not checking the times), I had basically no idea when Wintermark was doing moots and Crow meetings. I think this is pretty much all my fault, but I’m half tempted to suggest a scheduling blackboard of “Next X occurs at Y, location Z” outside the Artisans Arms.

– There definitely needed to be some self motivation to find game and I think if I hadn’t been lucky to be going with an existing group and having a silly idea for getting started I could fall back on I could wind up sitting about in camp watching a flurry of activity go by and have basically no idea how to get involved in it.

Roleplaying Ramble: Torture

So last night I was at the LURPS panel discussion for mature themes, and super appreciated the input from the lovely panel (seriously I have notes that may get typed up at some point and got some chewy ideas to ponder).  Anyway one of the questions was on torture scenes, and various ideas came forward and I offered some thoughts and examples, but thinking about it I kind of wanted to write something to set my ideas out. Continue reading

Snoopers charter and so forth

Okay so with the upcoming snoopers charter thingy (by which I mean the Investigatory Powers Act) going on in the UK a few people have asked for some thoughts on security and the net.  Now I’m a sysadmin, I’m not a security expert, I’ve got a working knowledge of things so I can give an overview but may wind up wrong on some points. Continue reading

Delayed Games means delayed squee

Yeah so basically I was expecting to be writing more about things I’d been preparing for the upcoming Room 13 game Secure Facility Seven at the minute but … yeah, well due to the epic weather that descended upon Lancaster that kind of fell by the wayside.

It was probably an interesting time to use the phrase.  The centre of town took water levels pretty high, and a lot of Cumbria got pretty badly devastated, a lot of us were without power for a while, and even the phone network was down for parts of it, but it was heartening to see locals pulling together to check in on each other and keep supplies and news flowing by landline, by snatches of internet, by biking, driving, and walking to each others houses to hang out and chat.


Today is TDOR, the only really widespread and regularly reoccurring event in the calender of trans folk.  Sure we like pride weeks, and we like Halloween (which is suggested by some to basically be trans Christmas for the amount of excuse for gender play it gives a lot of us before we even work out whats up), and a bunch of us seem to have more local things, but sadly the one thing that unites us on a wide scale is remembering how many of us have been murdered the previous year.

The bulk of us who fall victim to violent deaths are at the intersection of being trans, often in poverty, and usually people of colour, it’s a sort of combination that adds up, each one making things a little less safe for that person in Western society, and it occurs at rates and with such brutality that I often find it hard to grasp and get a handle on the events.

I don’t really have a point or a direction of this, but I felt I needed to talk about it.

Exciting Spreadsheets

My life at the minute has a handful of small exciting spreadsheets in, organising christmas, wet room renovations, seasonal things (argh) and of course … upcoming surgical adventures.

Work currently doesn’t really have any spreadsheets in.  I can’t help but feel this is the right way around to do things.


Okay so I got linked to the idea of NaBloWriMo by Ann, and yeah it appeals as an idea – in the month of November can I manage to make 30 posts no matter how small?  Hopefully the answer is yes, although I intend to bend the rules a little by starting late and at some point doing a couple of double posts to catch up, also I may post elsewhere and count that so … if there are holes in the posting process suck it up, I’ll report my victory or valiant attempt at the end of it all :)

So what to write about is the next question.  Well tomorrow I think I’ll try and have a dig for some blog posts, but if anyone reads this (and I’ll probably link it on BookFace tomorrow) then I’ll happily accept questions from the audience to write about.

My own writing is a bit all over the place these days, I used to write fiction as a teenager but mostly drifted away from it over time, these days I write a bunch of backplot for various roleplaying games I’m involved in, pretty much daily email communication with partners, and also a lot of my writing goes into forum and community style interactions, so I do still write, but its sort of diffuse now – spread out and all over the place, and much of it hidden from view.  There’s the thing that I spend some time wondering about is how far apart do I want to divide the main areas of my writing and how much do I want to overlap them – the more spread out they are then the harder it is to establish each one, and the more it feels diffuse and ineffective, not enough body and substance, but then again the more spread out the safer it feels, the safer divides between subjects and friendship groups and populations.  Something to think about.

I find it harder to focus than I used too these days on serious long form writing I think, or maybe I’m just more likely to get distracted in the middle (side note: I’m seriously considering experimenting with white noise or maybe even noise cancelling headphones in the office, but we shall see, if they work there then maybe at home too?) then I find it harder to switch back.  Also I really dislike posting drafts, or half thought out ideas, I wonder if having a “draft” tag to put on things would help, or just practising posting whatever at the end of a day even if its half baked.  I do better on forums, although I frequently post, then spend the next 5 minutes editing the thing to get it just so.

Anyway, I guess I’ll just witter for 30 days if I don’t find any more exciting prompts :)

Kitchen Table Poly – And remembering my types are not universal

Okay so recently I read an excellent strip of the ever fun Kimchi Cuddles webcomic entitled #452 Kitchen Table Poly which gives rise to terms like kitchen table poly (“where everyone in the polycule knows each other and are all people who’d feel comfortable just sitting around the kitchen table in their PJs having coffee”) and parallel poly (“having partners alongside each other but not necessarily ever interacting with each other’s partners”).

It’s something I try and recognise in myself as both just a way I function and also something to be wary of.  Due to the way my poly is structured I get interacted with before some of my partners take on new partners, or escalate thing with people (sort of polyfi, I like it that way) and get basically a kind of veto.  Mostly I think I sort of lean towards kitchen table poly, its easier for my brain to say yes when it recognises the other person as either someone I find attractive to my own tastes, or  a “Yeah I could totally have a cup of tea and a chat with that person if I woke up and they were in my house”.  However that gives rise to issues when a partner who I kinda have a veto for comes to talk to me about someone who doesn’t trip this bit of my brain – I’ve found I need to be really careful and try and quiz my brain, because just because I don’t fancy a person, or I don’t want to sit around and idly socialise with that person doesn’t necessarily mean that I should say no to my partner doing partnery things with them, if they’re safe, don’t trip my gut feeling of badness and drama and most importantly my partner is interested those are more important considerations.  I’ve been tripped up by this before and I’m trying to improve my self questioning to catch myself doing it.

NFQ – The ECR (Emergency Control Room) Computer Prop

Those of you who were in the ECR at all during the NFQ/Incident ### game may have noticed a black laptop on the west facing wall (that nearest to the directors office) which had some nice green text on a black backdrop that updated itself pretty infuriating slowly :)  That was one of mine, and something I really had some fun putting together, although it was all a bit bodgey internally.  So this is going to be a walk through a download of that anyone thinking of putting together something similar can see some of the weird tricks I used, I’ll also be talking about lessons learnt from the event and things I’d change next time.

Continue reading