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Sword ban, final version (allegedly)

The To-Ken society of Great Britain have got a document posted which is the proposed amendment to the offensive weapons act 1988.

It seems that they’re banning any curved sword 50cm or longer, you’ll be able to import/buy/sell/loan/trade/lend/transport (I think all them, I need to re-read the original act) provided that one of the following is true:

  1. It was made in Japan before 1954
  2. It was made in Japan later than 1954 and is traditionally forged
  3. You are using it in relation to the organisation or holding of an allowed event, which includes:
    1. “historical re-enactment” which is re-enacting an event of the past or illustrating conduct from a particular time and place in the past
    2. “sporting activity” means the practicing of a sport which requires such a weapon

So it looks like collectors are going to be faffed about (unless they start buying pricey properly forged blades from Japan) they’ll need to take up some form of re-enactment, martial art or putting on of informative museum style displays to keep buying regular blades if I’m reading this right (ignore my summary, read the actual thing).

Anyone know if its legal under EU laws to restrict the supply of an item like that? I mean valid Japanese-style blades are produced in the UK, Europe, China and America from memory, can they really just ban them all and establish a monopoly on Japanese blades?

Its an interesting one as AFAIK getting a blade into Japan is a several day paperchase nightmare, so its not like you could bounce bare blades through there for fittings and claim they were “made” there.

A Ruritanian Parable

There was once a far away land called Ruritania, and in Ruritania there was a strange phenonmenon — all the trees that grew in Ruritainia were transparent. Now, in the days when people had lived in mud huts, this had not been a problem, but now high-tech wood technology had been developed, and in the new age of wood, everyone in Ruritania found that their homes were all 100% see through. Now, until this point, no one ever thought of allowing the police to spy on someone’s home, but the new technology made this tempting. This being a civilized country, however, warrants were required to use binoculars and watch someone in their home. The police, taking advantage of this, would get warrants to use binoculars and peer in to see what was going on. Occassionally, they would use binoculars without a warrant, but everyone pretended that this didn’t happen.

Ahh those wacky Cypherpunks, its an old one 1993 but I’ve not seen it before.

Unsubscribe, disturbing.

Well Amnesty International have just released a new video as the start of their campaign to end the current crop of interrogation methods. Waiting for the Guards. They put a performance artist in a CIA approved “Stress position” (which means what exactly?) and filmed it… and it makes for really quite disturbing viewing.

The revolution will not be televised.

The March 5 anti-Thaksin rally suggests it that there is a large mob attempting to oust the current government of Thailand.

The most interesting part of this is I think the excellent page showing “What Thailand Television is actually showing”.

Which brings to mind the rather interesting point made by Gil Scott-Heron.

Legitimate news sources backing this rumour up includes the Beeb who have a large array of pictures.