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Winter, Trees, and Rain

Feels like winter is really arriving, and on today of all days it kind of makes sense for personal symbolic reasons, and I think it contributed to  an ongoing resurgence in my reconnection to my … magical?  Pagan?  current, whatever it is.  I ate at my desk while working on a problem which struck just as I was about to go for my normal lunch and socialising, which created a window of time afterwards with no people, no time for eating needed, and I was nudged to go for a walk.

It was one of those odd little nudges and prompts and “maybe this?” sort of things that you get used too as an occultist I think, the sorts of sense for going and doing a thing and seeing what happens and what connections arise.  As it was I went briefly up to past the chap centre to a patch of woods upon a hill, and I stood upon the grass and saw autumn leaves falling almost like snow, in gently drifting patterns, and I looked out across town at all the green and living life, and felt the clouds and sky overhead and earth below.

On the way back to the office the clouds gathered overhead, dark and heavy, and the temperature dropped, and it really felt like it was going to snow.  In fact I think its just really icey cold rain coming down outside the building now.  Although the sun has come through it and created a double rainbow between me and Clougha Pike, which was glorious to see, although thats faded and we’re back to blue sky patches on one side of the building and clouds concealing the hills on the other.

But yes, interesting what a change of timing to food and amount of people will do for the day and ones mood.

A Very British Tarot

So the other Saturday I got into a random conversation about a Very British Tarot (VBT) with the criteria seemed to evolve out of the conversation naturally, and while never quite pinned down seemed to be “Epic people of the commonwealth, sort of in the last 100 yearsish, some exceptions”. We pinned down most of the Majors and at lunch in the week we got a few more suggestions, but there are still holes and other places to suggest alternatives. What say you people of LJ?

The list was as follows

Death before contact

I always find this situation a little sad.

I’ve just been reading June Singer’s Seeing Through the Visible World: Jung, Gnosis, and Chaos and marvelling at the way she seems to tie it all together, being as she retrained as a psychologist in her 40s I think and wrote the book in her 70s.

I was interested to mail her and find out her views on some kabbalic theory she mentions (she brushes over the trinity suggesting it needs another female participant but doesn’t enter the normal YHVH, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter stuff) and also to see if in experiences of modern gnosticism she’d encountered the Thelemic crowd at all, and what she made of it all.

Sadly it would appear she died in 2004. A shame, she seemed so sharp and able to contemplate new theories at even late ages, it would have been fascinating to hear her views.

Liber 496: A secular banishing and eucharistic sacrament of breakfast


Liber 496
A secular banishing and eucharistic sacrament of breakfast
Designed for daily use
Version 1.2

“forasmuch as meat and drink are transmuted in us daily into spiritual substance, I believe in the Miracle of the Mass.” — Aleister Crowley, Liber XV : The Gnostic Mass

This is a short piece designed as a secular method to enhance breathing, posture, health, mood and memory. Why should those pesky occultists get all the fun! Its broken into this short summary, followed by a longer and more detailed commentary.

1. Prepare the room: tidy up, prepare a small table, a music player and a cushion/chair.
2. Prepare yourself: Get 8 hours sleep, wake up.
3. Cleanse yourself: Have a shower or bath.
4. Prepare breakfast: Cool water or juice, fruit, yogurt, tea. that kind of thing.
5. Warm up: neck rolls, stretching. Warm up the back, neck, limbs
5.1-5.6 Warm up your lungs and breathing, intone the vowels, each one a full exhalation I-E-A-O-U-O-A-E-I vibrating them to give the feeling of resonating from your head to the base of your spine and back up again (head, throat, chest, abdomen, perineum = I,E,A,O,U) it may be easier to do it in reverse instead (UOAEIEAOU) starting with the low sound.
6. Stretches: Walk in a gentle circle to each wall of the room. At each wall pause and take a breath. Inhale then exhale as you touch your toes. Inhale then exhale as you stretch upward and out, arms above your head to form a Y.
7. Sitting: Return to the centre, sit on your cushion/chair and make sure your spine is straight.
8. Breathing:
8.1 Slow breathing. 4 second chunks for breath in, hold, breath out
8.2 Mindfulness and breath counting (see commentary)
8.3 Fast breathing. Slightly forceful out breath, pumping the lungs with the abdominal muscles.
9. Enjoy breakfast: slowly, mindfully, quietly. Just eating.
10. Appreciate Beauty: relax and recline, listen to music, look out the window, look at a sleeping SO, contemplate the joy of the moon landings or look at great portraits.

Then go out and face the day, stop day dreaming and get stuff done.

Detailed commentary and references, please read if interested

Bradford GD

Well the other day I bumped into this thread at random: Location of Golden Dawn’s Horus Temple in Bradford, in which someone asks where it is, and someone else produces one of the best “Just google it” answers ever seen.

So I stuck the query into Google, this lead to this page The Desecrated Temple of Horus of the Golden Dawn in Bradford, which linked to these videos of the insides. Now this is quite interesting, although I seem to recall seeing a suggestion somewhere (in a comment on youtube?) suggesting that this isn’t the actual GD temple but a related organisation, either way people were doing ritual magick there until the 50s from the suggestion of when the paint was last renewed.

The search also found this: The New Society of the Golden Dawn in Bradford, which is the blog of the new GD temple that people are trying to establish, including a video of the history of the GD there, quite an interesting summary.

Candle of Vision

… but the ancients spake of a divine vision to be attained while we are yet in the body. The religion which does not cry out: “I am to-day verifiable as that water wets or that fire burns. Test me that ye can become as gods.” Mistrust it. Its messengers are prophets of the darkness.

From A.E.’s Candle of Vision, chapter 4 – Meditations.

Interesting quote I came across today, looks like a book I may have to read more of.

A higher affirmation

Shuzan, a Buddhist monk of the tenth century, once held up a bamboo stick before his disciples. “Call this a stick,” he bellowed, “and you assert; call this not a stick, and you negate. Now, do not assert or negate, what would you call this stick? Speak! Speak!” From out the ranks, a young monk ventured forth, grabbed the bamboo, and, breaking it in two, exclaimed to Shuzan, “What is this?”

Its not a secret that I’ve never really connected with my name, I used to not like it but over time its more faded until I don’t really care for it that much but it doesn’t bother me.

It doesn’t in my opinion define me, or connect me to anything (my connections to people and places are beyond that of a name) instead it limits me making me referrable to from a variety of sources (which is I admit useful), but an impersonal database reference could do this as easily.

I’ve always been interested in the other names I could have been given, by the nicknames that I accrue, but the titles I can be addressed by, by what friends choose to call me when a referral is required, but in the end it is the not the names that I’m interested in but what they point to.

This is what’s drawn me to both zen and magick, the quest for the understanding of the self and its interactions with (or its being part of the larger system of) the world, without concealing, asserting or negating.

Thelema and The Book of the Law

So next Monday (26th January) I’ll be giving a talk on Thelema and Book of the Law (manuscript, version with revisions, one page summary version: Liber Oz) at Pagan Society. Its an epic philosophy of freedom and mystic potential.

If your at all interested feel free to let me know and drop by.

Love is the law. Love under will.