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Liber 496: A secular banishing and eucharistic sacrament of breakfast


Liber 496
A secular banishing and eucharistic sacrament of breakfast
Designed for daily use
Version 1.2

“forasmuch as meat and drink are transmuted in us daily into spiritual substance, I believe in the Miracle of the Mass.” — Aleister Crowley, Liber XV : The Gnostic Mass

This is a short piece designed as a secular method to enhance breathing, posture, health, mood and memory. Why should those pesky occultists get all the fun! Its broken into this short summary, followed by a longer and more detailed commentary.

1. Prepare the room: tidy up, prepare a small table, a music player and a cushion/chair.
2. Prepare yourself: Get 8 hours sleep, wake up.
3. Cleanse yourself: Have a shower or bath.
4. Prepare breakfast: Cool water or juice, fruit, yogurt, tea. that kind of thing.
5. Warm up: neck rolls, stretching. Warm up the back, neck, limbs
5.1-5.6 Warm up your lungs and breathing, intone the vowels, each one a full exhalation I-E-A-O-U-O-A-E-I vibrating them to give the feeling of resonating from your head to the base of your spine and back up again (head, throat, chest, abdomen, perineum = I,E,A,O,U) it may be easier to do it in reverse instead (UOAEIEAOU) starting with the low sound.
6. Stretches: Walk in a gentle circle to each wall of the room. At each wall pause and take a breath. Inhale then exhale as you touch your toes. Inhale then exhale as you stretch upward and out, arms above your head to form a Y.
7. Sitting: Return to the centre, sit on your cushion/chair and make sure your spine is straight.
8. Breathing:
8.1 Slow breathing. 4 second chunks for breath in, hold, breath out
8.2 Mindfulness and breath counting (see commentary)
8.3 Fast breathing. Slightly forceful out breath, pumping the lungs with the abdominal muscles.
9. Enjoy breakfast: slowly, mindfully, quietly. Just eating.
10. Appreciate Beauty: relax and recline, listen to music, look out the window, look at a sleeping SO, contemplate the joy of the moon landings or look at great portraits.

Then go out and face the day, stop day dreaming and get stuff done.

Detailed commentary and references, please read if interested