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NFQ – The ECR (Emergency Control Room) Computer Prop

Those of you who were in the ECR at all during the NFQ/Incident ### game may have noticed a black laptop on the west facing wall (that nearest to the directors office) which had some nice green text on a black backdrop that updated itself pretty infuriating slowly :)  That was one of mine, and something I really had some fun putting together, although it was all a bit bodgey internally.  So this is going to be a walk through a download of that anyone thinking of putting together something similar can see some of the weird tricks I used, I’ll also be talking about lessons learnt from the event and things I’d change next time.

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NFQ – The Noises of the Suckerman

Okay, so as alluded to a while back I was building two props for Aeon Horror’s game set inside the NFQ base called “Incident ###” and I kind of want to talk about them both.  The longer one was the ECR computer system (that saw very little use in game, sometimes these things happen) the other was the background nose effects of foundling F5225 (aka The Suckerman).

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Event Day Carry

As many of you are aware I follow the awesomely fun Every Day Carry (EDC) blog, which gives me ideas for not sucking, and also shows me pretty toys (some pretty because they are function, some just pretty, and functional as a side effect), and as many of you can attest from seeing whats in my pockets or my big black bag of useful things I tend to carry at least a small supply of things to be handy in day to day situations.

However I was involved in helping run Aeon Horror’s excellent NFQ/Incident Number ### event this weekend, a game set at an Antarctic research/containment/quarantine facility for a mix of non-human entities and sort of magical physics defying objects – and that morning I threw a bunch of stuff into my bag, and then later a subset of that into my pockets and it got me thinking about what I normally carry into games when I’m crewing or reffing.

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NFQ Incident Number X: Looking forward to talking about it

Well others have written more about blogging lately and I’ve been missing it, not sure why but shortish form writing of Facebook just doesn’t work for me, although I’m getting the hang of really short form twitter stuff, but again mostly not my thing.

Anyway ideally I’d be writing more about the exciting upcoming game from Aeon Horror – Incident Number X and the cool things I’ve prepared for it, but … its not happened yet, so that would be spoilers.  So yeah, needless to say that regardless of how the game goes (I have faith in the refs and the players to carry it off) I’ve already had a blast on this event just preparing for it and  getting the horrible/weird-humour balance kinda going.

Also the NFQ Staff Board on Facebook has been an excellent pre-game-game as a ramp up into life on the base, which I think has been kind of useful with this change of tone from the normal bleak existential horror to slightly more darkly humorous yet also horrible.