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Christmas Shopping

(a) I did some today which was fun and also (b) I need to do more.  The season is a creeping in.

Also I’m super tired, super super tired and not sure I’m going to hit the 30 posts for NaBloPoMo, which … I’m not sure if I’m concerned about or not, I may be more in the morning when I’ve slept.

Love the ones your with

Heard this as a suggestion on working on compassion at a Buddhist talk, to try and love the people you’re with.  Also don’t separate yourself out from others, you’re always with yourself, try and love and be compassionate for yourself.

Reminds me of similar things I’ve heard from some Wiccans over the years, that some people are sent as lessons in understanding from the Goddess :)

Show me the original face of your roleplaying game, before it was written

So today I was talking to Weasel about an idea he has for running a game, its taking what he considers the essential ideas and mechanics behind a system (in this case Unknown Armies), distilling them out, and fitting them to a new system and new background to shake new life into the old ideas.

It sounds kind of interesting, but got me thinking about things.  Like for example what is the original concepts and drives and flavours behind stuff like R. Talsorians Cyberpunk 2020 (dystopia, what is humanity with tech , style before substance – maybe something else but these seem core) and what is the setting (Urban) and who are the factions that really matter (corps, edgerunners, – I kind of want to say criminals perhaps?  Or futurist-techno-types?  I always liked putting in the downtrodden and oppressed as contrast, but they’re not really core they’re flavour and background).  So ask yourself, if you wanted to start with a clean sheet and run a game based on those flavours, that setting, those factions would it matter that none of it was in Night City?  Would it matter that no one mentioned the Blood Razors?  That Arasaka weren’t there?

I doubt it, it may be fun to try and shake it up and see what comes out.

Days of almost femme

So today I was very nearly fabulous … I sort of had a “oooh I should put a skirt on and some nice boots and swish” but basically I almost managed it then just couldn’t quite get things working.  I’ve got about 2 good skirts that go with everything, one I’d just thrown in the wash, the other I didn’t want to risk getting nuked by weather.  My two awesome patchwork skirts are a bit tight and I’m trying to make the elastic a bit less nuclear so I sort of had a last sort of older velvetty option and was like … nah, a bit too scruffy and not right for the office.

Almost, one day I’ll get better at this whole lark, I then sort of phased through thinking about trousers and boots and things and basically yeah, I need to get some comfy more knee or calf length things to wear with exciting and warm leggings and socks.  Working on it.

Still better I think to have thought about it and bailed calmly to my backup plan outfit than flap about it.  However reading this back I also feel like its being written by a 15 year old.  Oh well :)

On the upside wrote something supportive to a trans person of indeterminate gender and cheered their day up.  So yay!


Today is TDOR, the only really widespread and regularly reoccurring event in the calender of trans folk.  Sure we like pride weeks, and we like Halloween (which is suggested by some to basically be trans Christmas for the amount of excuse for gender play it gives a lot of us before we even work out whats up), and a bunch of us seem to have more local things, but sadly the one thing that unites us on a wide scale is remembering how many of us have been murdered the previous year.

The bulk of us who fall victim to violent deaths are at the intersection of being trans, often in poverty, and usually people of colour, it’s a sort of combination that adds up, each one making things a little less safe for that person in Western society, and it occurs at rates and with such brutality that I often find it hard to grasp and get a handle on the events.

I don’t really have a point or a direction of this, but I felt I needed to talk about it.

Winter, Trees, and Rain

Feels like winter is really arriving, and on today of all days it kind of makes sense for personal symbolic reasons, and I think it contributed to  an ongoing resurgence in my reconnection to my … magical?  Pagan?  current, whatever it is.  I ate at my desk while working on a problem which struck just as I was about to go for my normal lunch and socialising, which created a window of time afterwards with no people, no time for eating needed, and I was nudged to go for a walk.

It was one of those odd little nudges and prompts and “maybe this?” sort of things that you get used too as an occultist I think, the sorts of sense for going and doing a thing and seeing what happens and what connections arise.  As it was I went briefly up to past the chap centre to a patch of woods upon a hill, and I stood upon the grass and saw autumn leaves falling almost like snow, in gently drifting patterns, and I looked out across town at all the green and living life, and felt the clouds and sky overhead and earth below.

On the way back to the office the clouds gathered overhead, dark and heavy, and the temperature dropped, and it really felt like it was going to snow.  In fact I think its just really icey cold rain coming down outside the building now.  Although the sun has come through it and created a double rainbow between me and Clougha Pike, which was glorious to see, although thats faded and we’re back to blue sky patches on one side of the building and clouds concealing the hills on the other.

But yes, interesting what a change of timing to food and amount of people will do for the day and ones mood.

Exciting Spreadsheets

My life at the minute has a handful of small exciting spreadsheets in, organising christmas, wet room renovations, seasonal things (argh) and of course … upcoming surgical adventures.

Work currently doesn’t really have any spreadsheets in.  I can’t help but feel this is the right way around to do things.

Framing your day

I’m pretty sure I’ve written this exact same post before but eh, worth another go :)  So yeah sometimes I like playing about with how I frame my day which can make things more fun and change motivation towards other tasks.  I find it best to start early on, preferably soon after waking and before getting bogged down into other things, when the flavour of the day is still malleable.

One of the old ones I like to use is about framing the day as an adventure – to make everything have that edge of questing, to sort of make it feel like holiday.  So you get up, usually a little earlier than normal, you make sure to pack food, you concentrate on the travelling, and the things you may see, or work out maybe a slight deviation from the normal routine in the middle of the day, and hence you change the flavour of the day to be more about adventuring or questing, trying to see something new in the everyday

The other I’ve used quite a bit at the minute often involves my commute, which usually comes over the top of a hill high up over Lancaster, so I can look down across the town, across the bay, across the countryside out to the sea.  From there I can reconnect with the whole scale of the town, again searching to connect and make things less than routine and dull, to earth myself into the idea that here I am, working at a centre of learning and education the likes of which there isn’t for miles around, working to help scholars do cutting edge research.  All the while embedded in the glorious countryside of the bay, with its ancient hills overlooking at the edge of the lakes, with the roofs of the houses making the whole thing feel like a Ghibli film, with all the historic links of Lancaster – the commute is sometimes within sight of the Castle (and the whole area is a strange Dutchy of the Queen and strangely linked to the crown), built on a fort from Roman times, the ancient priory is there, the misty hills are all kinds of magical, yet at the same time there are people going about their day to day lives almost oblivious to all this strangeness.

So yeah, framing on commutes, it can make a difference.  Holding onto it in the office is something else however.

Durham Lumiere

So this weekend I visited Lumiere at Durham a festival of light installations all around the city, it was really awesome seeing artworks out just embedded in the scenary and buildings, and projected onto it, but not everything was projection.

There were some truely magical hanging gardens of lights, almost fairy like that spread around the Castle (I think, I got quite turned around by their reorganising flows and opening gates normally shut) and the Cathedral had figures all across it and apparently inside was awesome.

There was also a giant cube of … soul jars?  Where you could record your face and have it appear inside one of the kilner jars at the display randomly.

Probably the most beautiful thing however was the giant flying, colour changing fish.  There were two of these, looping and diving and swimming through the air in the main square above the statue of Neptune, truely magical :)

Trains, planes and automobiles

So I’ve done another round trip circling the Pennines this weekend, and stopped off along the way to have a drink with a friend and a general nice in person catch up, which was awesome.

On the way there I had a hot water bottle resting behind my shoulder for a lot of the trip, and on the way back I thought I’d save weight in my backpack by not packing it, I kind of wish I had, the seats were not overly comfy and ouch.  Still things aren’t as bad as last week so hopefully a good nights sleep will help reset it.

Now back to work on the ‘morrow, although when I got in I got to watch the tail end of the Star Wars trilogy which is awesome as I’ve not seen it for years.

And tomorrow I also get to try and catch up on the news and work out my reactions to the horror I’ve seen floating up from the other side of the pond.