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Synchronicity Says Hi

So I was in the car today, driving back home from doing some shopping, my brain was dwelling on some stuff from the day and just sort of looping over it and I was letting myself dwell on things to a probably unuseful degree.

I flipped on the radio, and what should come on immediately but the infamous Let It Go.  I just about straight up laughed and nodded, yeah point well made Universe.

I’ve recently started back into Zen practice so this of course reminded me of The Muddy Road Koan and I did my best to put it out of my mind and go back to the present.


Okay so a short one today because it’s late.  I saw Durham’s fireworks from up close this year.  Last year I saw them from a Bridge and that was pretty groovy to be honest, I came out of a set of dark woods and across and old stone bridge where we stood and looked up at the tail end of the display.

This year I got to watch them up closer with more people, and it was pretty cool, we were stood in a crowd at Grey’s college?  And there was a nearby field with a hedge, and beyond that was an army of apparently mostly students who were running the show which is pretty cool.  The display lacked some of the really nice bits I like about Lancaster (notably really big booms that shake my rib cage because those are super super lovely) but had some nice combinations of semi-distracting midheight stuff combined with “ooh we snuck one that goes really high and goes boom” in it.

Also their musical tastes were … interesting.  While most fireworks displays lean on classical they had a mix of songs from the 70s right the way through to the modern day in I think chronological order, including snippets of Jackson Five, Right Said Fred, Cee Lo Green and a bunch of other stuff, which actually worked way better than I was expecting, it sort of touched on lots of good bits of songs and kept flowing through as the fireworks went up :)

Strange new music

Okay, so this morning I was wittering at Jonno about the joy of strange new music I’ve found, and low and behold he hadn’t really heard of any of it.  Now I admit I’ve also gotten introduced to all kinds of odd new folky things (mostly Joni Mitchell) from Lee lately which has been all good but kind of washed over me.  However via chatting with random people and getting linked to stuff via youtube mainly I’ve found a few more bands that have oddly been eating up my listening time.  So yeah this is the mega music dump post :)  Hopefully I’ll do shorter ones in the future.  To be honest I think the best stuff is at the start and the end of this … or at least thats my opinion right now?  Not sure, you may just want to try it all or skip about :)

First off there’s the ever epic C.N. Lester (who’s blog is also pretty epic) who recently made an album called Aether, which is sort of haunting, floaty and ethereal piano driven stuff, well worth a listen if you like that kind of thing.  The titular track Aether is available on youtube and really the rest of the album is close in style, although personally I find the track “Codine Blues” is probably the best tune on it.

Contrasting with that I’ve also been listening occasionally to Die Antwoord who are … oddly compelling, musically they’re a South African rap-rave band from Cape Town, probably the best things off there are I Fink U Freeky which has a chirpy almost 90s sound to it and an epicly surreal video, although the album does dip occasionally into iffy kinda misogynistic stuff and at least one of their videos has gotten slammed for blackface.

On a more electricy selection try Avicii – who’s a lot of fun to be honest and does some really funky stuff, for examples see: Silhouettes (epic trans content), Addicted To You (female bank robbers ahoy!) and Wake Me Up (just kinda perky you know).

Back to more smooth stuff (warning – potential hipster warning) I can also recommend the epic Caravan Palace for being awesomely French electro-swing, which is just all kinds of groovy and bouncy without delving into being bleepy electric stuff mainly.  Particularly I can recommend Jolie Coquine, We Can Dance (both from the first album “Caravan Palace”) and Rock It For Me (for the singers suit if nothing else), Dramaphone from the second “Panic”.  Also this entire gig IM Karlstor Bahnhof Heidelberg.  In related news I’ve also had Caro Emerald recommend, which is apparently Dutch jazz, try Liquid Lunch.

From a more rocky standpoint I’d suggest trying Against Me‘s excellent album Transgender Dysphoria Blues, I think written to brain dump everything after their lead singer transitioned recently.  I’d probably recommend Talking Transgender Dysphoria Blues and Paralytic States for being the two tracks to best cover the source material, in general however the acoustic tune Two Coffins a tale of romance until death is actually the best thing on the whole album.

Lastly if you want some more acousticy Icelandic kind of pop stuff try Of Monsters And Men who’s album “My Head Is An Animal” is well recommend for pretty much every track on it, but in particular try Dirty Paws (multi-layered weird narrative), Your Bones (strange tale of … population migration, boats, weird I have no idea but its beautiful rolling noise) and also Little Talks (couples, mental illness, boat/house based metaphor) – seriously this whole album is just pure bottled amazing.

So yeah I think that’s about everything I’ve been listening too lately thats been unusual stuff, and if anyone likes any of it in particular let me know I’ll be impressed :)

Hang Cool

Well I’ve a ton of stuff I’m meaning to post on (London trips, written in the style of classic Epics for example) but for now I’ll catch up from the back of the list. A brief bit of muttering about Meat Loaf’s newest album “Hang Cool Teddy Bear”. Now theres a stack of reviews in Google, some of which are overly gushing, some overly critical.

Once more unto the land of Loaf!

Turmion K�til�t

I got randomly linked to raha records the other day to the release of an album called “USCH” for free by a band called “Turmion K�til�t”, available was mp3 or wav.

Having listened to it I can confirm that they’ve clearly been influenced by Rammstein, and in quite a good way, so if you quite like reasonably heavy, reasonably industrial, gravelly voiced music give it a go. Its free (as in beer) anyway :)


So this evening when I got back from the Lurps meal I was looking around online and stumbled across Boodler, which is a program designed to create sound scapes, i.e. if you give it a library of sound effects you can configure it for how often you want each to play and within what kind of ranges and it layers them all over each other. Written in Python, source available, downloadable packages for Windows machines.

Fiiiine :) I pondered writing something like this a while back for use as a soundtrack generator for games, but nice to see someones done all the heavy lifting.

Be see to read the fine manual hard to make it work without that.