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Snoopers charter and so forth

Okay so with the upcoming snoopers charter thingy (by which I mean the Investigatory Powers Act) going on in the UK a few people have asked for some thoughts on security and the net.  Now I’m a sysadmin, I’m not a security expert, I’ve got a working knowledge of things so I can give an overview but may wind up wrong on some points. Continue reading

Sword ban, final version (allegedly)

The To-Ken society of Great Britain have got a document posted which is the proposed amendment to the offensive weapons act 1988.

It seems that they’re banning any curved sword 50cm or longer, you’ll be able to import/buy/sell/loan/trade/lend/transport (I think all them, I need to re-read the original act) provided that one of the following is true:

  1. It was made in Japan before 1954
  2. It was made in Japan later than 1954 and is traditionally forged
  3. You are using it in relation to the organisation or holding of an allowed event, which includes:
    1. “historical re-enactment” which is re-enacting an event of the past or illustrating conduct from a particular time and place in the past
    2. “sporting activity” means the practicing of a sport which requires such a weapon

So it looks like collectors are going to be faffed about (unless they start buying pricey properly forged blades from Japan) they’ll need to take up some form of re-enactment, martial art or putting on of informative museum style displays to keep buying regular blades if I’m reading this right (ignore my summary, read the actual thing).

Anyone know if its legal under EU laws to restrict the supply of an item like that? I mean valid Japanese-style blades are produced in the UK, Europe, China and America from memory, can they really just ban them all and establish a monopoly on Japanese blades?

Its an interesting one as AFAIK getting a blade into Japan is a several day paperchase nightmare, so its not like you could bounce bare blades through there for fittings and claim they were “made” there.

Educational information and a worrying observation about our times

Well just a quick waffle before I head lunchwards, I come bearing essential information for those of planet urrth: When someone is swinging a sword at you you should be drawing your own to block it! Luckily said person was being much more awake than I was (I was drawing late! More left hand, more left hand) and thus only tapped me on the calf before declaring they were going to put another notch in their bokken for hitting a student with it :)

Anyway more interestingly on the bus home I saw an interesting site, some young kid, obviously knackered was getting on the bus after me with a bike. He negociated with the bus-driver on this front and seemed to be told that this was fine, provided he stored it out the way in the pram/wheelchair/whatever space (double deckers from Stage Coach have these).

He slumped into the chair and vaguely got his bike arranged, front wheel by the window next to him, back wheel out in the aisle. The driver asked him to get the wheel in, and he looked at the front wheel and pushed it further into the side of the bus by the window, leaving the back wheel hanging out.

At this point an old man, 70 if he was a day stood up on a moving bus, stepped over, picked up the whole bike and arranged it so it was out of the way.

Hmm… me thinks I see a problem if the youth of my generation (or perhaps the next, I’m never sure where the boundaries for these things are) can’t grok “Shifting stuff out of the way” and need to have it demonstrated for them by an old white-haired geezer.

In other news it would seem that Eris is beyond Yuggoth! A great victory for the farces of something or other.