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Bradford GD

Well the other day I bumped into this thread at random: Location of Golden Dawn’s Horus Temple in Bradford, in which someone asks where it is, and someone else produces one of the best “Just google it” answers ever seen.

So I stuck the query into Google, this lead to this page The Desecrated Temple of Horus of the Golden Dawn in Bradford, which linked to these videos of the insides. Now this is quite interesting, although I seem to recall seeing a suggestion somewhere (in a comment on youtube?) suggesting that this isn’t the actual GD temple but a related organisation, either way people were doing ritual magick there until the 50s from the suggestion of when the paint was last renewed.

The search also found this: The New Society of the Golden Dawn in Bradford, which is the blog of the new GD temple that people are trying to establish, including a video of the history of the GD there, quite an interesting summary.

Another giant MLP blob, including interesting psychological affects

Well heres my weekly round up of interesting links, most interesting at the bottom.

First off Professor Calamity, some sort of crazed anarchist steampunk, is being accused of directing the G20 protestors over Twitter. Cue massive house raid by armed police.

Secondly WikiDumper is still running, it selects the best bits of deleted articles from Wikipedia and posts them… some of which are surreal.

Amy Andre author of the Bi Health Guide asserts that biphobia causes Bisexuals to have the worst health of all LGBT people

“out a group of 100 stigmatized identity categories, bisexuals are second only to IV drug users in level of stigma. That means the average person would rather hang out with almost anyone except a bisexual person – unless they have to choose between a bisexual person and an IVDU. (This group of 100 categories includes gay and lesbian, by the way.) That biphobia, that stigma against bisexuals, has very real health consequences.”

Q & A with Bisexual Activist Amy Andre, on Glaadblog

But barring all that, the most interesting thing I’ve seen lately is the BPS (British Pyschological Society) asked 20 leading researchers what was the one nagging thing you still don’t understand about yourself. Some of the answers are fascinating.

“One nagging thing that I still don’t understand about myself is why I often succumb to well-documented psychological biases, even though I’m acutely aware of these biases”

David Buss

This is an affect I’ve noticed in myself, dispite knowing about psychological affects you can still be susceptable to them, as their a deep seated part of behaviour. I’ve found if you pay attention to yourself you can catch these reactions starting to form and do your best to disappate them as appropriate, or indeed not.

The strongest example of this is the recent Yellow Sign event which was almost a replica of the Prisoner/Guard study, whilst I knew that we’d start to bond as a group against The Other (the guards) and that once released there would be a great demand for venting and revenge, and I could see it building, it was fun to just let it happen, to let it run its course building up the pressure and letting it all get vented (mostly by shouting at Paul G to be honest) once we were freed.

Anyway, I now return you to your regularly scheduled internets.

Candle of Vision

… but the ancients spake of a divine vision to be attained while we are yet in the body. The religion which does not cry out: “I am to-day verifiable as that water wets or that fire burns. Test me that ye can become as gods.” Mistrust it. Its messengers are prophets of the darkness.

From A.E.’s Candle of Vision, chapter 4 – Meditations.

Interesting quote I came across today, looks like a book I may have to read more of.

Backpacker Classics


An interesting list assembled from someones experience and a large discussion thread on some forum (yeah scientific!) anyway its an interesting list of books.

I am not sure which books backpackers carry with them these days so this list may be a little out of date. The concept of backpacker books goes back to the days of the hippy trail when travellers would carry such classics as the I Ching, the Tibetan Book of the Dead or anything by Herman Hesse. A backpacker classic should have an element of profundity, preferably mystical -if not it should have cult status or be a statement about who you really are. There is an element of self discovery in setting off – the path to enlightenment, the journey inwards…A backpacker book is not a ‘beach read’–the book must be worth the weight and space it takes up and should be reverentially handed on to other travellers or left in a hotel or bus station for another seeker to chance upon. I have garnered this list from my own experience of buying books from travellers, various lists on the web (one at Amazon) and an enormous thread about which books people would leave on a bus.

Polly wanna cracker

Well I got linked (via a link chain) to a really quite interesting article that I thought I’d share.

Polyamory is not about the sex, except when it is by Pepper of the FreakSexual blog.

He/She/It also wrote a fine article on Tips for Practical Nonmonogamy Negotiation which is likewise good reading and probably a good idea for any relationship, poly or not.

EDIT: See also Combichrists “This shit will fuck you up” with various snippets of Disney characters

I thought I found a hole country, but it turned out to be a province

So yeah on Sunday I thought I’d found a whole country that I didn’t know was there, Xinjiang Uyghur, and when remarking on this in conversation yesterday found I could only refer to it as “you know, that giant dusty shit-hole on the silk road” by which I of course mean the Tarim Basin, which I knew was there but thought was positioned somewhere else.

Turns out its just a province of China, but still, kind of cool to find a desert about the size of the UK.

Go have a peer at Google maps, theres loads of cool places in the world, edumacate yourself in a bit more detail than Risk did :)

Events and Free Stuff

First off Mish is trying to organize a group trip down to Manchester Pride Parade this year. It’s Saturday 29th August, starting at 1pm. Further details on train times and so forth will be forthcoming later.

Secondly an Advert for the free stuff:

Are you tired of your invisibility?
Want to stop fading into the background of statistics?
Feel that your relationships/sex/fantasies span people of more than one gender?
Want to be told your going through a phase, are greedy and to get off the fence?

Then you need new Badges!

Well okay the adverts a little misleading.

In an effort to reduce the amount of assumptions that get made about people, to enable people to show their either not-straight or a supporter of those who aren’t straight I’m going to be making a bulk order to Lavender Lifestyles for a stock of badges.

I will buy a badge for the first five people who respond to this saying “I’d like a badge like that one” (and give me a link to a badge they want) and everyone after the first five I’ll just pay for your postage.

Hows about that eh?

(p.s. Whilst I’m feeling badgey see also: TSRs ownership badges and nice triskelions with holes in and phipaws)