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Accidental Dysphoria

Based on reading this epic Trans Girl Next Door strip from 5 months ago I just kind of wan want to say that yeah, I’ve been there and done that, sometimes things just conspire to trip dysphoria from seemingly minor and non-existent causes, and yeah, that sort of kills the mood for whatever you’re doing.

The rest of the comic is also totally worth reading :)

Kitchen Table Poly – And remembering my types are not universal

Okay so recently I read an excellent strip of the ever fun Kimchi Cuddles webcomic entitled #452 Kitchen Table Poly which gives rise to terms like kitchen table poly (“where everyone in the polycule knows each other and are all people who’d feel comfortable just sitting around the kitchen table in their PJs having coffee”) and parallel poly (“having partners alongside each other but not necessarily ever interacting with each other’s partners”).

It’s something I try and recognise in myself as both just a way I function and also something to be wary of.  Due to the way my poly is structured I get interacted with before some of my partners take on new partners, or escalate thing with people (sort of polyfi, I like it that way) and get basically a kind of veto.  Mostly I think I sort of lean towards kitchen table poly, its easier for my brain to say yes when it recognises the other person as either someone I find attractive to my own tastes, or  a “Yeah I could totally have a cup of tea and a chat with that person if I woke up and they were in my house”.  However that gives rise to issues when a partner who I kinda have a veto for comes to talk to me about someone who doesn’t trip this bit of my brain – I’ve found I need to be really careful and try and quiz my brain, because just because I don’t fancy a person, or I don’t want to sit around and idly socialise with that person doesn’t necessarily mean that I should say no to my partner doing partnery things with them, if they’re safe, don’t trip my gut feeling of badness and drama and most importantly my partner is interested those are more important considerations.  I’ve been tripped up by this before and I’m trying to improve my self questioning to catch myself doing it.

Wikipedia and Granularity

So someone today said I should watch Deadwood, which I noted had Calamity Jane in it. She worked in Dora DuFran’s famous brothel that coined the term “cathouse”. From there I noticed that Dora was in wikis categories of both American Brothel Owners and American Prostitutes, which is a subcat of Prostitutes by Nationality, which is part of Sex workers by nationality, which is part of People associated with the sex industry by nationality, which is part of People by occupation and nationality. Or if you prefer being international you can get from “people associated with the sex industry by nationality” to People associated with the sex industry, then either Sex industry or just the awesome People by Occupation which finally leads to the top level People (which can then go to “Humans” or “Society” and perhaps one day “Society” will go to “Dolphins” and “Dolphin People” or something).

Just the level of detail you can drill down too in wiki sometimes scares me.

Plus, although as I mentioned my memories are foggy on the subject, I picked up some fringier sorts of books, many of them also overstock: The End of Eden: The Comet That Changed Civilization featuring the reliably unreliable Graham Philips (a thinking man’s Brad Steiger) on the Great Comet of 1486 BC and its Rays Of Anger, a copy of the pseudonymous Rosicrucian chrestomathy known as The Comte De Gabalis, Mitch Horowitz’ engaging overview Occult America: White House Seances, Ouija Circles, Masons, and the Secret Mystic History of Our Nation, and speaking of Occult Nazis Or Near As Dammit, “Edred”‘s guide to Rune Might including runic yoga and runic yodels. For reals, yo.

from http://princeofcairo.livejournal.com/162523.html – Kenneth Hite (emphasis mine)

Waaaait, did Ken Hite just call Edred a Nazi? (Edit: Nope, misreading on my part).

How to shave like your grandpa (yes this is a nerdy ramble and MLP)

( Yeah I said I’d write this post to several people. Yes its nerdy. Short version: You owe it to yourself to get a good brush, good shaving cream and good aftershave. Do it now. )

Well a while back I gave myself a close shave with a titanium edged (seeeeeensitive skin) Wilkinson Sword Quattro, and gave myself horrific razorburn, and I thought “There has to be a better method than this!”

Look at your man, then back at me, then back at your man. He doesn’t shave like me, and thats probably because his skins not made of tissue paper: Discussion of double-edged safety razors and additional nice products to use to make your face feel better

MLP 23

Well thanks to everyone who responded to my previous entry, I need to get back into the habit of updating regular stuff here (I got out of it since I was updating so much weird stuff to a filter last year) so I’m going to post more glorious MLP to begin with and we’ll see what I ponder later in the day:

Firstly Etymology of the word ‘Fanboy’

Secondly More on the 23 Enigma, including old Germans and Policemen

Mythos links

Well I was talking to someone about it, but it may help many people. If your involved in the Cthulhu Mythos, either in games or in using its flavour for other work then it helps to read the stories to get the atmosphere. Most of Lovecraft’s work is public domain now, as is some of Clark Ashton Smiths and Chambers.

Anyway heres a link to a post I made a while back with a suggested order for a reading list of stuff thats available in full, online.