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Repository of Internet Memes

So as I was asked for a link to it today here it is:

Encyclopedia Dramatica which contains an entry on Shoop Da Whoop, from which shoopthulhu came.

ED btw has a great entry on House and links to the megafine House vs. Cox thread.

However that makes me tempted to shout “Differential Analysis, Go!” whenever a new ticket appears in the systems queue (“Well it can’t be the disks because the RAID would have told us if they’d failed” “Oh really? All OS’s lie!” “But House!” “Check the disks!”)

Meme and some Sunday evening MLP

Your style is passive

You play Go like a mouse on our banner
Try to attack more! If you want to change your passive playing style, study game records of Yoo Changhyuk, Takemiya, Cho Hunhyun or Miyazawa Goro.
You may also try “Kill-all Go”: Take 17 handicap stones (free placement) and try to kill every group of your opponent.
If you cannot kill them all – make the handicap bigger.

What is your playing style? – By Alexander Dinerchtein/”Breakfast”

Secondly a link I found in a thread over at boingboing, theres a fine site called enlishrussia.com which appears to collect photos and the odd video about life in contemporary russia and all kinds of weird finds from the old soviet era, including a secret brain lab. Most fine, but weird.