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The “standard” model (for gender)

Okay, I thought I should post this summary, its hardly going to be exact because I’m not brilliantly read in the area (I’ve picked it up piecemeal from reading the odd theory or activist book), but its got some useful concepts in that are handy for discussion (oh and yeah, I’m aware that a lot of these areas can overlap quite happily :) My view of the model starts from the “bottom” if you will and builds layers on “top” of the proceeding layers, although theres debate about how they interact, I think some people see them as more a floating cloud of qualities. This is a really fast write up so lacking citations, although those can be provided if required. And yes this was pretty much written up to back up my comments posted in response to a recent post over on luvlymish.com. But anyway, this is the “standardish” model for gender theorists as of about nowish probably, unless I’ve missed something:

Oh, and before I forget, time for the fun last minute disclaimer: It’s only a model and The map is not the territory while its not a bad theory its certainly not going to cover everyone all the time, especially if people think each of these things is static and unchanging.

The 'standard'ish model

Hill 936 aka “Bak Bon Dzhow Hill”

Okay, so I may at some point soon post a proper write up with all kinds of interesting discussions of props, favourite bits, setting discussion and all kinds of other things. But for now I wanted to post something short.

Thank you to all the Proper Refs from the rigging and sapper crews respectively (i.e. those doing the temple and those out doing the trail, although there was a huge overlap) and also the players, you guys were amazing :)

And that out of the way I invite everyone involved to each make a two pronged comment. Firstly I want to know your favourite moment of the event, and also I’m interested in your least-favourite moment too. What did we win at? What did we fail at?

If you don’t want to post in comment feel free to mail me, post in the facebook group for Hill 936 or you know post proper feedback to and

Soylent Green is exceptionally well made

Okay so the trick I find to getting people back into macro-blogging seems to be to keep posting and also commenting on other peoples stuff, to get involved in all kinds of random back and forth chit-chat. I sometimes enter this paralysis of blogging because I go “Well item X isn’t really big enough to write about, so I’ll just post a 2 liner on facebook” and “Item Y isn’t really big enough so I’ll retweet the link I saw it at and not really write about it”.

But that way lies madness! (and micro-blogging, which I like for daily chit-chat but I like to see it balanced with longer writings by people and general catchups).

Anyway, so I thought I’d actually write some useful stuff. Well not useful but longer than just “Oh for fucks sake [politician] why are you allowed to make laws when you say [fucking stupid thing]”.

Warning! Soylent Green is SPOILERS!

I am the ghost of memes past

“Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don’t blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don’t blog about, but you’d like to hear about, and I’ll write a post about it.”

I dare you, and then post the meme yourself. If you can’t think of anything to ask me about, just post it on your own blog. (last asked in 2009)