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When games go not as expected, but still okay

Its an interesting one I find, I had a plan for this afternoons game, or at least parts of a plan. I knew I was going to do the tunnel segment at the start nice and smooth and do it in semi-light to drop everyone into the mood for visualising and storytelling. Then when I started to ramp stuff up I was going to use more toys and tricks. Make people sit in the dark, add a bunch of sandalwood incense, use bells and singing bowls for strange noises, throw buckets of gore and severed limbs at them etc. etc. The standard horror playbook (and indeed I spoke to someone outside the meeting who still remembered the kill-room in my IronRef one shot and how badly it turned their stomach).

However the two situations for starting the player killing they managed to get out just before I brought the hammer down, and in the end it just didn’t fit to randomly start jobbing them. I pondered making them trade to take people out of Inferno but again it just didn’t sit right.

The game had a strange vibe of its own based on the players and atmosphere, Katie I think summed it up best by saying it was dream like, and that’s about right. I shot for horrible but on the day it came out strange and illusionary.

I miss the original plan I had in a way, but I quite liked how it all worked out in the end.

So has anyone else had games like that? Did you like that they turned out totally different? Did you re-run them to try and get the original vibe? Or were they better for it?

(Also other Halloween one-shot refs what happened? How’d it go? Did your spooky tricks work? I was brain-drained after running so I was mostly still stuck in my own plot and didn’t get a chance to get much info from others).