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Adventures in Cooking

Okay, so I’ll need to do a catch up on posts, because apparently Thursday(ish) I really pulled something (?) in my upper back or neck or something, and it sort of trapped/squeezed some nerves … I think, this is all speculation based on my knowing how my anatomy fits together.

Anyway, since then I’ve limped through a day of work with many painkillers, and then was really really gentle to it, and I think its mostly helped.

Today however I want to talk about adventures in cooking, notably that I made an epic stew of doom with Lee earlier, a sort of bacon, potato, carrot, etc thing, with thick tomato body behind it.  During this process I tried adding a dash of smoked paprika and it was finer than I thought and a whole bunch escaped the jar … which it turns out really really worked and added a whole rich sort of warm flavour to the whole thing.  Super delicious.

I’ll owe a blog post about Lumiere in Durham which I saw a bunch of on Friday night and write that another day :)