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Best car comparison evar

So Steve Yegge’s blog is a constant (well monthly) source of awesome right? He recently included in a post about Ejac (JavaScript for Emacs) a continuation of the famous “Cars == Programming Languages” comparison.

So to continue (for techies mostly) if your (least) favourite language was a car/vehicle/mecha (yes Ruby I’m looking at you) which would it be?

In related news I hacked on cheezburger.el the other night, and my patches got accepted :)

Night of the butch zombies!

Indeed me and the other good people of my house went to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company at The Dukes this evening, a most fine event indeed, this work of theirs had a little more narrative than previous ones but still stacks of well observed humour.

Overall much recommended, go sit near the front and you too can be asked to join in as extras on stage or get soaked with water, they had us all being shoppers, zombies and me doing jumping jacks (and they even asked me to try and do it in a more butch manner which was most amusing :)

Well recommended and only on for one night more!

Waffle, MLP and stuff, from the Laugh-its-funny dept.

[[ WARNING: before you read this note I can’t seem to concentrate on typing for sleepiness tonight and some sentences of mine seem to lack words in the middle, be warned! ]]

(Before I begin roleplayers in the audience might well appreciate Freebase, which I dug up links to textual versions recently. Freebase@squid.org Freebase@saturos.net).

Anyway now thats over I thought I’d stick a little something up to keep you all updated on whats going down in groove town.

Well first up busyness. Yes I know, its shocking I agree, but sometimes you just have a series of really busy weeks back to back. Still at least this stuffs interesting, writing up introductory material for teaching the Masters stoodents about Unix (with emphasis on Linux).

Fine introductory technical links, read them its interesting

An obit for xwrits and other stuff

The noble and forthright process known only as xwrits passed away sadly sometime between Friday night and Monday morning. Xwrits lived in a large Unix box in the in* region of the town of .lancs.ac.uk. It is succeeded by no child processes and died before its one grieving parent process and several grand-parent processes. Neighbours in the process table were said to be bemused, having not noticed the passing away of such a useful member of their community.

Xwrits was known for its sterling work as a reminder for users of the system to take a break, its work will be continued by a relation (PID 18724).

Well as you can tell my RSI break reminder program karked it at some point over the weekend. Sadly I was in the office all afternoon feverishly hacking code on Monday and didn’t notice until I was just about to go home (after a straight 4 hour typing spree) that I’d not actually taken a single break. It does show however that my arms are doing much better than they were at the start of Winter.

In other news I spent the weekend running hither and thither in all sorts of fun activities, a fine LAN party where much shooting occured (after a suitable amount of beating of my system, damn you XP Home) then on Sunday a pub-lunch, game of Go with Dodge (hes getting better) and some roleplaying in the evening, much fun.

Also to continue a running line of fun from other places can anyone tell me (who wasn’t there) who said this epicly wonderful quote:

“Zero nutrition, zero humour, totally pointless.” — X, discussing clowns.