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Kushiel’s Dart

Okay okay, I finally broke down and started reading the Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey.  It starts out as some sort of cheap, fun, alt.history romp through the eyes of a cortisan in “I can’t believe it’s not France” then sort of somehow morphs into an extravaganza of politics, assassination, travel, magic, marriage, war, religion, and romance… just, it didn’t feel like someones first book, truly a work of epic proportions.

Watching Poker

I know a bunch of people who like Poker, and indeed there was a fixed stakes game going on at the weekend, a small buy in and winner takes all.  While I suck at the game I’ve found it more interesting over the years to watch, to sit and watch how people act, react, and interact :)

Also I totally sipped a smoky peaty flavoury whisky and didn’t just totally dislike it straight off the bat… what the hell.

Dark and Mysterious Country Roads

Okay one thing worth talking about this weekend was the peril of driving far into the lakes in November in the dark and wet.  And oh my word such wet and awful weather.  There was sadly a pretty bad accident on the M6 in the afternoon which snarled everything up, and we kept passing cars stopped at the side of the road, either broken down or drivers taking a break from all the awful beating rain and occasional ground fog (we had one driver report driving through sleet).

I’m mostly just glad that all our part made it with only one car with mechanical troubles, which recovered by the morning, it was a long way on windy thin roads with big trees so I’m glad we all made it.

Delicious and strange breakfast

So yeah, due to waking up late from lie in’s and the lag between consuming pre-food drugs and eating I often was eating breakfast right at the end of the breakfast slot of time, so was eating food while everyone else was just drinking tea and chatting, which meant other people were watching.

This was interesting because my food is a little odd in contrast to the cooked breakfasts (rice cakes, jam, almond butter, chocolate spread) but I was pleased that it seemed to go down well and I introduced at least one person to the existence of nut butters and they were very enthused :)


Also Mish got us all roped into doing Polycule photos today with Ann, some of them were outside on a slope in front of the AMAZING SCENARY (yes thats basically the view out the front of the house) which was cool, if slightly slippy underfoot :)  Then there were more sprawling about inside on the amazing furniture and in front of various bits of fireplace and beautiful windows.

Having seen a couple of preview images on the backs of cameras and sent quickly over facebook some of these should be super kick ass :)  Although the whole process was a little scary and highly focused on me, which cane be a bit squicky, but we were allowed to clown about which helped, and Ann is good at putting people at ease so that works (the looking up thing is interesting).

Roleplaying Games

So there were two awesome roleplaying games being run this weekend, one of which I was near enough to hear: WIIIITTTTNEEEESSS – the game of theological debate in the form of Mad Max, which was run by Weasel and seemed to feature epic quantities of post apocalyptic death cults.

The other was Mish’s JDT game featuring post rapture animal care charity workers, I wasn’t so close to this one but me and Lee heard it going on, because we were curled up in chairs reading when suddenly there was wolf howling coming out of the room :)

Wasdale Hall

Okay, so I’ve just returned from a weekend of Wasdale flavoured goodness, where Ni got a bunch of us together to head out into the countryside and in the same way we rent big houses for LARPs then chillout afterwards this was sort of a “do the chillout thing but all weekend” which was pretty cool.

The house itself was just beautiful, people had clearly restored it in an effort to head towards its original feel and while they could have just made it plain, neutral and cheap they seemed to really put the effort in.  The lounge and dining room in particular were just stunning, wood panels, tall bookshelves and fireplaces, the whole nine yards.

Anyway, I’m going to cheekily break up things into little rambles to try and hit my 30 posts for #NaBloPoMo :)

Things as they should be (warning: Braindump)

Well its been ages since I posted properly and not just random links so I guess I should write something I’ve been pondering over for a while.

It first occured to me while I was doing the washing up in the aftermath of the Eskmeals Yellow Sign event (an event of cosmic archaeological import, written about by others elsewhere) to ponder why it is that hanging around after events like the Yellow Sign is quite so satisfying. This thought was later intensified by a recent holiday to Wales (which was very good, the Centre for Alternative Technology was filled with awesome, Snowdon was filled with a different and more painful kind of awesome).

Anyway I got to pondering day to day life, and why it is that the holiday or after-event period is so satisfying. Part of it I think is the fact that you aren’t having to do work you aren’t interested in, but that clearly can’t be all of it, because theres always cleaning, moving heavy things, washing up etc. to do during these periods. The kinds of jobs people normally find quite dull.

So I suspect it boils down to the simplicity of it all, instead of coming home, doing a frantic bout of washing and cooking before rushing out to do something else you take it easy. After the event specificially was like this, things got done, but in a relaxed way, people interacted but in a non-stressed environment, there was something satisfying about it because everything was simple. Things need doing, so everyone does them, things need cleaning so everyone cleans then, people are hungry they eat, people are tired they take a nap.

Certainly something to ponder over, perhaps I should aim to just simplify my life down some more, reduce the amount of rushing between events to a minimum, or perhaps I should just stop checking my mail and LJ whilst at home so much, since random purposeless net browsing eats into time that should be spent more constructively, reading, washing, napping etc. Although communicating online could be said to be a simple and constructive thing.

Anyway, back to Perl and waiting for news of deliveries of pointy things.