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An obit for xwrits and other stuff

The noble and forthright process known only as xwrits passed away sadly sometime between Friday night and Monday morning. Xwrits lived in a large Unix box in the in* region of the town of .lancs.ac.uk. It is succeeded by no child processes and died before its one grieving parent process and several grand-parent processes. Neighbours in the process table were said to be bemused, having not noticed the passing away of such a useful member of their community.

Xwrits was known for its sterling work as a reminder for users of the system to take a break, its work will be continued by a relation (PID 18724).

Well as you can tell my RSI break reminder program karked it at some point over the weekend. Sadly I was in the office all afternoon feverishly hacking code on Monday and didn’t notice until I was just about to go home (after a straight 4 hour typing spree) that I’d not actually taken a single break. It does show however that my arms are doing much better than they were at the start of Winter.

In other news I spent the weekend running hither and thither in all sorts of fun activities, a fine LAN party where much shooting occured (after a suitable amount of beating of my system, damn you XP Home) then on Sunday a pub-lunch, game of Go with Dodge (hes getting better) and some roleplaying in the evening, much fun.

Also to continue a running line of fun from other places can anyone tell me (who wasn’t there) who said this epicly wonderful quote:

“Zero nutrition, zero humour, totally pointless.” — X, discussing clowns.

Well another quite enjoyable, if long day, I thought I’d chop the stuff behind two cuts to try and save peoples Friend’s pages from being swamped by ramble, largely its broken into two sections, first a technical ramble about work (and Perl) then a non-technical ramble about posture mainly.

Technical Stuff