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Watching Poker

I know a bunch of people who like Poker, and indeed there was a fixed stakes game going on at the weekend, a small buy in and winner takes all.  While I suck at the game I’ve found it more interesting over the years to watch, to sit and watch how people act, react, and interact :)

Also I totally sipped a smoky peaty flavoury whisky and didn’t just totally dislike it straight off the bat… what the hell.

Playing Chess

So yeah, I took along the nice chess set that is Mish’s and actually me and Lee on a Saturday night curled up in a couple of chairs and played a game of chess.  It was a bit all over the place, neither of us had really played in a decade and neither of us was anything more than very casual players but it was fun.  I lost due to my normal issues of being unable to shift from opening to midgame properly and being bad at working out what to sacrifice and how.

But all the same I did enjoy it :)  I managed to surprise him a couple of times :)


I’m pondering buying a Wii due to actually being paid money now and fancying something for casual gaming, group gaming and quick bits here and there, since I don’t think I can describe myself as a srs gamer much these days.

What are people who own such things view on them? Any extra bits and bobs I should think about getting (battery packs and chargers for wiimotes? Do I need some kind of SD storage plugin shinanigans?) Anything I should know? Is house of the dead overkill really that sick and wrong? Preowned Wii’s from gamestation any good? Will Adam post a message saying “ha ha” at me for finally folding and talking about buying from Nintendo?

Comments welcome.

Reasons I’m not allowed to make games

I saw commentary on Left4Dead online today and thought “Hell if I was making a Zombie survival game I’d have it either crawl the users HDD for pictures of their friends or look online for photos of people from their area, then skin the zombies to look like that, hell I’d even let people online create and vote for features to put into areas of games to recreate the real-world as a zombie plague (zombie 6-for-a-pound-lighters guy? Zombie Pickwicks baked potatos? Zombie County South Coffee Shop at the Uni?, Zombies at Walkabout and the Town Hall?)”

Now that would be a fine and scary game.

And like all my other fine tech predictions (in-game online radio station for rockin’ out and snowboarding anyone?) I expect it to be done inside 6 months.

Teh skillz!

Ahh the joys of finding out one still possesses a modicum of talent for the fine-grained manipulation of a plastic object (for the purpose of guiding a small sprite around a screen).

To what do I refer? Why of course to Sonic the hedgehog available for Sony’s charming little diversion of time, the PS2.

Abusing the language somewhat to become a little more colloquial, it was a pleasure to relax this evening for a couple of hours with this title and 0wnx0r it and make it my B1ACH!!!!!11!!!oneoneoneone!!!!!111!!eleven.

The long slog

Well the long slog is finally over and the ultimately evil backup-plan-BBS is now entering the first stages of testing (dubbed the Shoggoth Edition).

Expect to see me moaning about that and fixing horrible bugs in it for the next few months, but at least we now have a backup in case nothing wonderful appears on the horizon to save our arses when cent2 comes rolling into town.

In other news I’ve got some nice numbers and some graphs on the way about email, as well as lots of notes that are slowly (too slowly) turning into a paper about my work. Huzzah!

Also I’d like to announce to everyone with a taste for fine computer games that Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is out for PC… for a mere 20 quid you too can be traumatised by horrible things from beyond space and time :)

Oh yes, it doth rock bells mightily.