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Delicious and strange breakfast

So yeah, due to waking up late from lie in’s and the lag between consuming pre-food drugs and eating I often was eating breakfast right at the end of the breakfast slot of time, so was eating food while everyone else was just drinking tea and chatting, which meant other people were watching.

This was interesting because my food is a little odd in contrast to the cooked breakfasts (rice cakes, jam, almond butter, chocolate spread) but I was pleased that it seemed to go down well and I introduced at least one person to the existence of nut butters and they were very enthused :)

Adventures in Cooking

Okay, so I’ll need to do a catch up on posts, because apparently Thursday(ish) I really pulled something (?) in my upper back or neck or something, and it sort of trapped/squeezed some nerves … I think, this is all speculation based on my knowing how my anatomy fits together.

Anyway, since then I’ve limped through a day of work with many painkillers, and then was really really gentle to it, and I think its mostly helped.

Today however I want to talk about adventures in cooking, notably that I made an epic stew of doom with Lee earlier, a sort of bacon, potato, carrot, etc thing, with thick tomato body behind it.  During this process I tried adding a dash of smoked paprika and it was finer than I thought and a whole bunch escaped the jar … which it turns out really really worked and added a whole rich sort of warm flavour to the whole thing.  Super delicious.

I’ll owe a blog post about Lumiere in Durham which I saw a bunch of on Friday night and write that another day :)

The Positive Meme

Because franky it sounded awesome

Write an entry about something that makes you happy or which you like very much. It can be as long or as short as you like, and about anything other than the following:

  • Roleplay/gaming
  • Your friends/family/partner
  • The City of Lancaster
  • Sex
  • Booze, drugs and other harmful things

Spag-Bol, and how to make a really mega and simple dish