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Soylent Green is exceptionally well made

Okay so the trick I find to getting people back into macro-blogging seems to be to keep posting and also commenting on other peoples stuff, to get involved in all kinds of random back and forth chit-chat. I sometimes enter this paralysis of blogging because I go “Well item X isn’t really big enough to write about, so I’ll just post a 2 liner on facebook” and “Item Y isn’t really big enough so I’ll retweet the link I saw it at and not really write about it”.

But that way lies madness! (and micro-blogging, which I like for daily chit-chat but I like to see it balanced with longer writings by people and general catchups).

Anyway, so I thought I’d actually write some useful stuff. Well not useful but longer than just “Oh for fucks sake [politician] why are you allowed to make laws when you say [fucking stupid thing]”.

Warning! Soylent Green is SPOILERS!

So them thare Northern L… I mean Golden Compasses!

Yeah so I watched it last night because I was interested in how they were going to adapt it for the screen. My overall verdict is that its not too bad, I mean I knew they were going to screw the plot around, and also change a few bits to fit the flow better.

Anyway it was mostly okay (and I realise that will shock people), the only thing I found really offputting in the translation from book to movieness is the change of end-point, I mean Book 1 had a good natural cliffhanger. The only reason I can think of for this is that having done the events at the end of Book 1 (which is fine, climatic and grim) some kiddies may be put off. It’ll make a good start to Film 2, but to be fair the events of Book 2 also would make a good start.

The other problem I had is a few of the casting issues. Lord Asriel (Daniel Craig) is clearly not hardcore enough, I’m not quite sure who I’d have picked to play him but I always imagined him as a cross between Crowley, Gandalf and Antony Hopkins (either as van Helsing or Hannibal Lector).

Also Lee Scoresby was a bit too old in my opinion, but perhaps I should go re-read things.

Regardless of this I’ll be interested to see what happens if they’re allowed to make all three books into films, I’m wondering what kind of strange protests Film 3 will get due to its central plot-line. Also the fact that quite so much happens in Book 3, and so much of it is just damn weird will make it tricky to get into a film.