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Okay so a short one today because it’s late.  I saw Durham’s fireworks from up close this year.  Last year I saw them from a Bridge and that was pretty groovy to be honest, I came out of a set of dark woods and across and old stone bridge where we stood and looked up at the tail end of the display.

This year I got to watch them up closer with more people, and it was pretty cool, we were stood in a crowd at Grey’s college?  And there was a nearby field with a hedge, and beyond that was an army of apparently mostly students who were running the show which is pretty cool.  The display lacked some of the really nice bits I like about Lancaster (notably really big booms that shake my rib cage because those are super super lovely) but had some nice combinations of semi-distracting midheight stuff combined with “ooh we snuck one that goes really high and goes boom” in it.

Also their musical tastes were … interesting.  While most fireworks displays lean on classical they had a mix of songs from the 70s right the way through to the modern day in I think chronological order, including snippets of Jackson Five, Right Said Fred, Cee Lo Green and a bunch of other stuff, which actually worked way better than I was expecting, it sort of touched on lots of good bits of songs and kept flowing through as the fireworks went up :)

NFQ – The Noises of the Suckerman

Okay, so as alluded to a while back I was building two props for Aeon Horror’s game set inside the NFQ base called “Incident ###” and I kind of want to talk about them both.  The longer one was the ECR computer system (that saw very little use in game, sometimes these things happen) the other was the background nose effects of foundling F5225 (aka The Suckerman).

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Event Day Carry

As many of you are aware I follow the awesomely fun Every Day Carry (EDC) blog, which gives me ideas for not sucking, and also shows me pretty toys (some pretty because they are function, some just pretty, and functional as a side effect), and as many of you can attest from seeing whats in my pockets or my big black bag of useful things I tend to carry at least a small supply of things to be handy in day to day situations.

However I was involved in helping run Aeon Horror’s excellent NFQ/Incident Number ### event this weekend, a game set at an Antarctic research/containment/quarantine facility for a mix of non-human entities and sort of magical physics defying objects – and that morning I threw a bunch of stuff into my bag, and then later a subset of that into my pockets and it got me thinking about what I normally carry into games when I’m crewing or reffing.

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Cowboys vs Wendigo

Okay so I’ve just (well okay like two days ago) gotten back from helping out at the epic Legend of Lullaby Pass so I thought I’d write my quick summary blog as is traditional from returning from events :)  So to summarise my involvement: I was a member of crew and not a ref, and was sadly double booked for a number of crew meetings although I made a couple as well as a few relaxed propping sessions, then the week in the run up to the event was just … really horrific and all kinds of busy, so I packed Thursday, rolled up Friday and then got stuck in as best I could.  Sadly I missed all the awesome pre-game prep that I hear was going on up there before hand.  So in many ways I was only peripherally involved compared to the previous few events where I’ve been writing characters and doing all sorts of more involved things, this was kind of my light holiday event :) I sort of came up at the last minute, threw myself into it as much as I could, then came back and immediately dove back into regular life and in many ways I wish I’d had a chance to dive more into it as it really was rather a good one. Continue reading

Events and Free Stuff

First off Mish is trying to organize a group trip down to Manchester Pride Parade this year. It’s Saturday 29th August, starting at 1pm. Further details on train times and so forth will be forthcoming later.

Secondly an Advert for the free stuff:

Are you tired of your invisibility?
Want to stop fading into the background of statistics?
Feel that your relationships/sex/fantasies span people of more than one gender?
Want to be told your going through a phase, are greedy and to get off the fence?

Then you need new Badges!

Well okay the adverts a little misleading.

In an effort to reduce the amount of assumptions that get made about people, to enable people to show their either not-straight or a supporter of those who aren’t straight I’m going to be making a bulk order to Lavender Lifestyles for a stock of badges.

I will buy a badge for the first five people who respond to this saying “I’d like a badge like that one” (and give me a link to a badge they want) and everyone after the first five I’ll just pay for your postage.

Hows about that eh?

(p.s. Whilst I’m feeling badgey see also: TSRs ownership badges and nice triskelions with holes in and phipaws)

Thelema and The Book of the Law

So next Monday (26th January) I’ll be giving a talk on Thelema and Book of the Law (manuscript, version with revisions, one page summary version: Liber Oz) at Pagan Society. Its an epic philosophy of freedom and mystic potential.

If your at all interested feel free to let me know and drop by.

Love is the law. Love under will.

Busyness, AGMs and Discordia

Due to the busyness of life I’ve not really updated. Anyway this is just a quick plug to remind people that this evening is the PaganSoc AGM, followed by an excellent talk on one interpretation of the strange meanings behind the Principia Discordia.

Also off-campus people should remember that since its a bank holiday Stage Coach are running a Sunday service as far as I can tell.

MLP and Druggies

Well I thought I’d put up a bit of a ramble to let you all know I’m not quite dead. Things have been reasonably quiet for me this week (which is the idea really) and I’ve been enjoying some nice relaxing days of pondering and doing stuf (almost finished that complete Sherlock Holmes).

Anyway on Monday I had the joy of going to see the film of A Scanner Darkly, which it turns out is reasonably close to the book and really rather good stylistically as well. The conversations between the druggies about the plants and the immanent police raid were hilarious in the way I could go “Yeah, I’ve met people who had conversations like that”. The end could have been a little clearer (can’t say more without spoilering) but indeed a most fine film and highly recommended.

The other thing is as traditional I’ve picked up a lot of links here and there to odd things online, which I’ll post now:

Nicehair – A webcomic about Neil Gaiman, Robert Smith and Tim Burton sharing a house, which Andrew Eldritch occasionally visits, the next buttons break about number 64 and you have to mung the URL for one hop however.

Pictures that could be superheros – Although the title is misleading since I’m linking to a sub-section of the page, this is the fine supers/machines page of that little collection of stuff, most of its really weird but it does include some lovely shots of WW2 era mecha/big machines. These include:

AT-AT, US Mecha, Baby mecha, Spiky Mecha and atmospheric lumbering mecha. There are other bits as well, but I liked those most.

Life has also brough us Eternal questions about the random nature of things, an interview with Charlie Stross, the text of the aforementioned writers short story: A Colder War and finally a comic about The religious experiences of Phillip K. Dick.

Enjoy yourselves people, have a good cold part of the year.