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Durham Lumiere

So this weekend I visited Lumiere at Durham a festival of light installations all around the city, it was really awesome seeing artworks out just embedded in the scenary and buildings, and projected onto it, but not everything was projection.

There were some truely magical hanging gardens of lights, almost fairy like that spread around the Castle (I think, I got quite turned around by their reorganising flows and opening gates normally shut) and the Cathedral had figures all across it and apparently inside was awesome.

There was also a giant cube of … soul jars?  Where you could record your face and have it appear inside one of the kilner jars at the display randomly.

Probably the most beautiful thing however was the giant flying, colour changing fish.  There were two of these, looping and diving and swimming through the air in the main square above the statue of Neptune, truely magical :)

Trains, planes and automobiles

So I’ve done another round trip circling the Pennines this weekend, and stopped off along the way to have a drink with a friend and a general nice in person catch up, which was awesome.

On the way there I had a hot water bottle resting behind my shoulder for a lot of the trip, and on the way back I thought I’d save weight in my backpack by not packing it, I kind of wish I had, the seats were not overly comfy and ouch.  Still things aren’t as bad as last week so hopefully a good nights sleep will help reset it.

Now back to work on the ‘morrow, although when I got in I got to watch the tail end of the Star Wars trilogy which is awesome as I’ve not seen it for years.

And tomorrow I also get to try and catch up on the news and work out my reactions to the horror I’ve seen floating up from the other side of the pond.

Adventures in Cooking

Okay, so I’ll need to do a catch up on posts, because apparently Thursday(ish) I really pulled something (?) in my upper back or neck or something, and it sort of trapped/squeezed some nerves … I think, this is all speculation based on my knowing how my anatomy fits together.

Anyway, since then I’ve limped through a day of work with many painkillers, and then was really really gentle to it, and I think its mostly helped.

Today however I want to talk about adventures in cooking, notably that I made an epic stew of doom with Lee earlier, a sort of bacon, potato, carrot, etc thing, with thick tomato body behind it.  During this process I tried adding a dash of smoked paprika and it was finer than I thought and a whole bunch escaped the jar … which it turns out really really worked and added a whole rich sort of warm flavour to the whole thing.  Super delicious.

I’ll owe a blog post about Lumiere in Durham which I saw a bunch of on Friday night and write that another day :)


Okay so a short one today because it’s late.  I saw Durham’s fireworks from up close this year.  Last year I saw them from a Bridge and that was pretty groovy to be honest, I came out of a set of dark woods and across and old stone bridge where we stood and looked up at the tail end of the display.

This year I got to watch them up closer with more people, and it was pretty cool, we were stood in a crowd at Grey’s college?  And there was a nearby field with a hedge, and beyond that was an army of apparently mostly students who were running the show which is pretty cool.  The display lacked some of the really nice bits I like about Lancaster (notably really big booms that shake my rib cage because those are super super lovely) but had some nice combinations of semi-distracting midheight stuff combined with “ooh we snuck one that goes really high and goes boom” in it.

Also their musical tastes were … interesting.  While most fireworks displays lean on classical they had a mix of songs from the 70s right the way through to the modern day in I think chronological order, including snippets of Jackson Five, Right Said Fred, Cee Lo Green and a bunch of other stuff, which actually worked way better than I was expecting, it sort of touched on lots of good bits of songs and kept flowing through as the fireworks went up :)