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Busyness, AGMs and Discordia

Due to the busyness of life I’ve not really updated. Anyway this is just a quick plug to remind people that this evening is the PaganSoc AGM, followed by an excellent talk on one interpretation of the strange meanings behind the Principia Discordia.

Also off-campus people should remember that since its a bank holiday Stage Coach are running a Sunday service as far as I can tell.

Legal Peril from Across the Pond!

Well today I encountered grave legal peril relating to a group I find most amusing. (see also their new commercial… er… not safe for work probably).

Heres the first page that started it all: Rachel Bevilacqua‘s blog. This caused an entry at Bartholomew’s notes on religion. However I don’t read either of those.

I picked it up at BoingBoing.net and then later found out there was an official page from the SubGenii on the topic.

The whole situation is just… so strange, somehow it could almost be amusing if it wasn’t so serious (assuming that we can rely on the information provided by the party of the first part) and in my opinion sounds somewhat lacking in legal backing.

Essentially a Judge decided to ban a lady from communicating, even in writing, with her Child and leave it in care of her ex (the childs biological father) because she did some things he found shocking (and note that when she did them, the kid was miles away at the time).

Sounds a liiiiittle bit off to me. I’m definitely pondering offering some dollar to aid in whatever way is possible.

This hot on the heels of Pete Carroll suggesting some incredibly bland and boring people (okay, perhaps thats a lax interpretation) will crush us all to death politically, I can see it all happening now.

The item of ultimate fineness and an upcoming day of joy

No really! Its fiiiiiiine (and perhaps I’ll post piccies at some point).

Spent the day being social with lovely odd people (ta all), and picked up a groovy Singing Bowl into the bargin, a wonderment of imagery (don’t ask) but more importantly a device capable of breaking down solid matter and then projecting it through space and who knows, perhaps even time itself!


Sorry couldn’t resist. Well perhaps not that last bit, but it makes a cool noise and is fun to play with.

In other news I also spent time this evening beating up some login scripts for someone since they were broken, a relaxing method of spending time.

However! All this pales besides the day I must announce, since I know no ones really got anything to do this week I consulted my pineal gland (stop being dirty) and Our Lady Eris did say “Schmuck! Don’t you remember last year when I told you this before! Its LEDKSD!”

“Of course!” (I cried). “I shall tell the masses through this new medium what I have acquired here!”. And so henceforth I do announce (with gratuitous exclamation marks and brackets):

Febuary 13th is officially “Lady Eris demands kinky sex day”

The day on which all Discordians (Well all Discordians who feel like it and who listen to me…) must (In so much as they “must” do anything else. Long live chaos — you are all free) celebrate life (or the fact that they’ve probably nothing better to do) by engaging in kinky sex (personal definitions of course apply), even if they’ve no one to do it with except themselves (or even except in the realm of imagination, its ok, Our Lady Eris doesn’t give a rats arse (She told me this too, no really, over breakfast and everything)).

So go forth and enjoy!