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Oracle buyout of Sun may be good for OpenOffice

Well as some of you may have heard Oracle bought Sun Microsystems. Now apparently Oracle will be “examining” OpenOffice, to which Sun is the biggest contributor.

Now that’s all the background out of the way here’s why I think this may be good for OpenOffice. The rumours I hear is that Sun keep the codebase of OO.org horrifically complex and do their best to keep it locked up and controlled from outside contributors, now if Oracle loosen the controls (or just drop it) it opens the place up for someone else with cash (IBM?) to swoop in, reengineer the horrific bits and make it easier for outside contributors to actually do some work.

Best car comparison evar

So Steve Yegge’s blog is a constant (well monthly) source of awesome right? He recently included in a post about Ejac (JavaScript for Emacs) a continuation of the famous “Cars == Programming Languages” comparison.

So to continue (for techies mostly) if your (least) favourite language was a car/vehicle/mecha (yes Ruby I’m looking at you) which would it be?

In related news I hacked on cheezburger.el the other night, and my patches got accepted :)

Programmer Fizzbuzz

Well it came up on slashdot, defined as typical short interview questions to get people to demonstrate coding abililty. The classic is swapping two ints without a temp variable, well anyway heres one for swapping two strings since it took my sleepy brain a few minutes to get going on it and I thought it was interesting

Fizzbuzz to swap two strings without a temp variable