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And here we go again, GIC attempt 2: Electric Boogaloo

So yeah, as some of you who may be following me elsewhere probably know I had another of those wonderful GIC appointments scheduled last month, and again they managed to reschedule it … thus making it a 100% reschedule rate so far.  This time they did it by calling and leaving a message which I picked up on the train at about 5 hours notice from the appointment, which at least gave me the ability to hop off at Preston and loop back to Lancs for an afternoon of work.

This did however leave me in a stompy foul mood and just filled with apocalyptic levels of rage, so I listened to some really tasty metal and growled and was generally annoyed and burnt it all off by the afternoon mostly.  I think it’s just that each time I have to build myself up to these things, and when they get canned at the last minute its just all that readyness and prep just blow out the window, with all my plans just cancelled and a whole day wasted.  Also it feels a bit unfair in that they can cancel on 3-5 hours notice (and have done a few times) and that’s fine, but if I cancel at less than 48 hours notice I’m deemed to have “not shown up” for the appointment and risk getting booted from the service, where I then have to wait through another few years waiting list to get back on another.

So yeah – watch this space, lets see if they can manage to keep this second appointment of if I’ll be poking them to seek a second refund in train fares.

Proof reading: Failed

So this scan article (ISS temporarily suspend Cover Sheets for Eco-Friendly Trial) got read by people who are at least passingly literate (i.e. not me) over lunch and a few gems really shone through, specifically the clarity of this:

“It has also been noted that the students union used recycled paper (by evolve) but the Library does not, a trial of recycled paper was done in the library but not data was collected, there will be a two week re-trail where statistics will be collected for two weeks beforehand to create some statistics, if the trail is effective then ISS are happy to make the change.”

There was also a wonderful example of research and reasoning in this article on facebook

Sex offenders thankfully have been banned from using it and all other social networking sites

Now is it more or has Scan really gone down hill the past few years?