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Another giant MLP blob, including interesting psychological affects

Well heres my weekly round up of interesting links, most interesting at the bottom.

First off Professor Calamity, some sort of crazed anarchist steampunk, is being accused of directing the G20 protestors over Twitter. Cue massive house raid by armed police.

Secondly WikiDumper is still running, it selects the best bits of deleted articles from Wikipedia and posts them… some of which are surreal.

Amy Andre author of the Bi Health Guide asserts that biphobia causes Bisexuals to have the worst health of all LGBT people

“out a group of 100 stigmatized identity categories, bisexuals are second only to IV drug users in level of stigma. That means the average person would rather hang out with almost anyone except a bisexual person – unless they have to choose between a bisexual person and an IVDU. (This group of 100 categories includes gay and lesbian, by the way.) That biphobia, that stigma against bisexuals, has very real health consequences.”

Q & A with Bisexual Activist Amy Andre, on Glaadblog

But barring all that, the most interesting thing I’ve seen lately is the BPS (British Pyschological Society) asked 20 leading researchers what was the one nagging thing you still don’t understand about yourself. Some of the answers are fascinating.

“One nagging thing that I still don’t understand about myself is why I often succumb to well-documented psychological biases, even though I’m acutely aware of these biases”

David Buss

This is an affect I’ve noticed in myself, dispite knowing about psychological affects you can still be susceptable to them, as their a deep seated part of behaviour. I’ve found if you pay attention to yourself you can catch these reactions starting to form and do your best to disappate them as appropriate, or indeed not.

The strongest example of this is the recent Yellow Sign event which was almost a replica of the Prisoner/Guard study, whilst I knew that we’d start to bond as a group against The Other (the guards) and that once released there would be a great demand for venting and revenge, and I could see it building, it was fun to just let it happen, to let it run its course building up the pressure and letting it all get vented (mostly by shouting at Paul G to be honest) once we were freed.

Anyway, I now return you to your regularly scheduled internets.