Also Mish got us all roped into doing Polycule photos today with Ann, some of them were outside on a slope in front of the AMAZING SCENARY (yes thats basically the view out the front of the house) which was cool, if slightly slippy underfoot :)  Then there were more sprawling about inside on the amazing furniture and in front of various bits of fireplace and beautiful windows.

Having seen a couple of preview images on the backs of cameras and sent quickly over facebook some of these should be super kick ass :)  Although the whole process was a little scary and highly focused on me, which cane be a bit squicky, but we were allowed to clown about which helped, and Ann is good at putting people at ease so that works (the looking up thing is interesting).

Roleplaying Games

So there were two awesome roleplaying games being run this weekend, one of which I was near enough to hear: WIIIITTTTNEEEESSS – the game of theological debate in the form of Mad Max, which was run by Weasel and seemed to feature epic quantities of post apocalyptic death cults.

The other was Mish’s JDT game featuring post rapture animal care charity workers, I wasn’t so close to this one but me and Lee heard it going on, because we were curled up in chairs reading when suddenly there was wolf howling coming out of the room :)

Playing Chess

So yeah, I took along the nice chess set that is Mish’s and actually me and Lee on a Saturday night curled up in a couple of chairs and played a game of chess.  It was a bit all over the place, neither of us had really played in a decade and neither of us was anything more than very casual players but it was fun.  I lost due to my normal issues of being unable to shift from opening to midgame properly and being bad at working out what to sacrifice and how.

But all the same I did enjoy it :)  I managed to surprise him a couple of times :)

Wasdale Hall

Okay, so I’ve just returned from a weekend of Wasdale flavoured goodness, where Ni got a bunch of us together to head out into the countryside and in the same way we rent big houses for LARPs then chillout afterwards this was sort of a “do the chillout thing but all weekend” which was pretty cool.

The house itself was just beautiful, people had clearly restored it in an effort to head towards its original feel and while they could have just made it plain, neutral and cheap they seemed to really put the effort in.  The lounge and dining room in particular were just stunning, wood panels, tall bookshelves and fireplaces, the whole nine yards.

Anyway, I’m going to cheekily break up things into little rambles to try and hit my 30 posts for #NaBloPoMo :)

Christmas Shopping

(a) I did some today which was fun and also (b) I need to do more.  The season is a creeping in.

Also I’m super tired, super super tired and not sure I’m going to hit the 30 posts for NaBloPoMo, which … I’m not sure if I’m concerned about or not, I may be more in the morning when I’ve slept.

Love the ones your with

Heard this as a suggestion on working on compassion at a Buddhist talk, to try and love the people you’re with.  Also don’t separate yourself out from others, you’re always with yourself, try and love and be compassionate for yourself.

Reminds me of similar things I’ve heard from some Wiccans over the years, that some people are sent as lessons in understanding from the Goddess :)

Show me the original face of your roleplaying game, before it was written

So today I was talking to Weasel about an idea he has for running a game, its taking what he considers the essential ideas and mechanics behind a system (in this case Unknown Armies), distilling them out, and fitting them to a new system and new background to shake new life into the old ideas.

It sounds kind of interesting, but got me thinking about things.  Like for example what is the original concepts and drives and flavours behind stuff like R. Talsorians Cyberpunk 2020 (dystopia, what is humanity with tech , style before substance – maybe something else but these seem core) and what is the setting (Urban) and who are the factions that really matter (corps, edgerunners, – I kind of want to say criminals perhaps?  Or futurist-techno-types?  I always liked putting in the downtrodden and oppressed as contrast, but they’re not really core they’re flavour and background).  So ask yourself, if you wanted to start with a clean sheet and run a game based on those flavours, that setting, those factions would it matter that none of it was in Night City?  Would it matter that no one mentioned the Blood Razors?  That Arasaka weren’t there?

I doubt it, it may be fun to try and shake it up and see what comes out.

Days of almost femme

So today I was very nearly fabulous … I sort of had a “oooh I should put a skirt on and some nice boots and swish” but basically I almost managed it then just couldn’t quite get things working.  I’ve got about 2 good skirts that go with everything, one I’d just thrown in the wash, the other I didn’t want to risk getting nuked by weather.  My two awesome patchwork skirts are a bit tight and I’m trying to make the elastic a bit less nuclear so I sort of had a last sort of older velvetty option and was like … nah, a bit too scruffy and not right for the office.

Almost, one day I’ll get better at this whole lark, I then sort of phased through thinking about trousers and boots and things and basically yeah, I need to get some comfy more knee or calf length things to wear with exciting and warm leggings and socks.  Working on it.

Still better I think to have thought about it and bailed calmly to my backup plan outfit than flap about it.  However reading this back I also feel like its being written by a 15 year old.  Oh well :)

On the upside wrote something supportive to a trans person of indeterminate gender and cheered their day up.  So yay!

Strange Dreams

Anime I’m currently watching (Full Metal Alchemist) mixed with the book I’m currently reading (Kushiel’s Dart).  Occultists, cortisans, really big houses and strange politics that didn’t quite make sense because it was a dream.

Anyway it was refreshing, then a small lie in in the Sun before starting the house tidy in preparation for THE THANKENING.


Today is TDOR, the only really widespread and regularly reoccurring event in the calender of trans folk.  Sure we like pride weeks, and we like Halloween (which is suggested by some to basically be trans Christmas for the amount of excuse for gender play it gives a lot of us before we even work out whats up), and a bunch of us seem to have more local things, but sadly the one thing that unites us on a wide scale is remembering how many of us have been murdered the previous year.

The bulk of us who fall victim to violent deaths are at the intersection of being trans, often in poverty, and usually people of colour, it’s a sort of combination that adds up, each one making things a little less safe for that person in Western society, and it occurs at rates and with such brutality that I often find it hard to grasp and get a handle on the events.

I don’t really have a point or a direction of this, but I felt I needed to talk about it.