About Me

Hi, I’m a sinister lurking person who lives in the North of the UK.  Perhaps you’ve followed me here from one of my other forays into writing junk on the net, or maybe I gave you the address in person, I’m honestly not sure.  If you’re coming here from LJ and are wondering about my normal paranoia for writing friend locked posts never fear, poke me for details and you too can see secret things written here.

Anyway, hi!  I’m one of those people who collects like a bajillion labels from all over the place half for my own amusement, currently I’ve got the following kinda short blurb down to the minimum number of words with maximum amount of vagueness:

“Bi Poly Kinky Pagan Gamer Geek, Trans Woman, Anarchist leaning leftie type from the North of the UK and a doctor of something or other.”

So basically expect to see posts here on roleplaying, tech stuff, day to day worky things, food (I’ve a bucket of intolerances that make my diet kind of weird), musing on random films and books, events I’ve been too – you know all the casual every day bloggetry.

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