50% Meditation unlocked

So I intended to pick up some blog prompts today and failed because I was doing other things.  However today did feature some emergency work politics right at the end, just when I was planning on sliding out and heading off to do some zen meditation with the group on Campus.  I think I made the responsible choice of doing that and responding responsibly to emails before heading off to catch the second half of the meditation time (its normally two 15m blocks) as then I’d avoid rushing up campus and arriving out of breath and also interrupting others practice.

This seemed to work, I arrived in the break, said hi to people, then got to settle into my sitting in a less rushed manner without my autonomic system in a mess that needed to chill out first.

Must be said I’ve only been going for a few weeks but it is nice to be doing meditation with people in a group, I’ve done some stuff with pagans before but my zen flavour work is normally just by myself, and sitting with others really does make a difference and seems to carry over a little into my own meditation practice between meetings, so that’s something.

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