Okay so I got linked to the idea of NaBloWriMo by Ann, and yeah it appeals as an idea – in the month of November can I manage to make 30 posts no matter how small?  Hopefully the answer is yes, although I intend to bend the rules a little by starting late and at some point doing a couple of double posts to catch up, also I may post elsewhere and count that so … if there are holes in the posting process suck it up, I’ll report my victory or valiant attempt at the end of it all :)

So what to write about is the next question.  Well tomorrow I think I’ll try and have a dig for some blog posts, but if anyone reads this (and I’ll probably link it on BookFace tomorrow) then I’ll happily accept questions from the audience to write about.

My own writing is a bit all over the place these days, I used to write fiction as a teenager but mostly drifted away from it over time, these days I write a bunch of backplot for various roleplaying games I’m involved in, pretty much daily email communication with partners, and also a lot of my writing goes into forum and community style interactions, so I do still write, but its sort of diffuse now – spread out and all over the place, and much of it hidden from view.  There’s the thing that I spend some time wondering about is how far apart do I want to divide the main areas of my writing and how much do I want to overlap them – the more spread out they are then the harder it is to establish each one, and the more it feels diffuse and ineffective, not enough body and substance, but then again the more spread out the safer it feels, the safer divides between subjects and friendship groups and populations.  Something to think about.

I find it harder to focus than I used too these days on serious long form writing I think, or maybe I’m just more likely to get distracted in the middle (side note: I’m seriously considering experimenting with white noise or maybe even noise cancelling headphones in the office, but we shall see, if they work there then maybe at home too?) then I find it harder to switch back.  Also I really dislike posting drafts, or half thought out ideas, I wonder if having a “draft” tag to put on things would help, or just practising posting whatever at the end of a day even if its half baked.  I do better on forums, although I frequently post, then spend the next 5 minutes editing the thing to get it just so.

Anyway, I guess I’ll just witter for 30 days if I don’t find any more exciting prompts :)

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