So last weeks exciting visits to The Big Smoke

So yeah, after my last post I should probably write at least a short update to discuss the fun I had last week going down for my latest GIC visit.  This basically consisted of a long train ride, followed by more train rides across London.  The appointment was scheduled later than my previous ones so even leaving a little later I still got there with plenty of time to kill.  Sadly I was a bit worn down through the whole thing, I think a combination of not sleeping well due to nerves and also the start of a cold left me feeling just that teensy bit wiped out.

I did however manage to finish the end of Hungry Ghost, which was pretty good, like the first book it presented some slightly iffy points totally straight faced at first, and then later slowly and subtly indicated their 2 dimensional nature, which was nicely done, however the only nice male werewolves we meet are a pack of gay hustlers?  Slightly tropey, juuuuuuust a teensy bit.  Still totally worth reading, because lesbian werewolves?  A fantastic combination of tense interpersonal relations, revealing more about the world, stompy fierceness and also lets be honest pretty hot sex.

Anyway, London revealed its normal range of strangeness, this time the graveyard I take the scenic route through featured lots of people-friendly squirrels begging for food from … just crowds of people.  Last time I went through it was totally quiet except for a single guy covered in crosses drawn onto him selling strange magical figures made of wire (I wish I’d had a fiver for that). So wandered through being amused by scampering squirrels, then took a ramble through the neighbourhood and a round about route to the place, killing the spare time I had in case of trains running late (not unheard of) and looking at weird architecture (bendy chimneys) and generally trying to relax.

It’s amazing how stressful these meetings are, I think its a combination of slack time scales, frequent cancellations, and interactions with them are just a little bit strange and random and they don’t take correction that well from patients.  This time was seeing the person I’ve been supposed to see for a while (twice been shuffled onto other people) and by the time I was there I was sort of out of sympathetic interaction so used the magical power of blunt.  It turns out the dick I saw on my previous meeting had put me down for a brief update meeting (i.e. a waste of time) instead of a full length appointment where I could actually move my referral requests forward.  Luckily the person I saw realised this dickish move, looked back over the amount of shit in my file and in a stroke of not-sucking-in-person declared that this year I get two more appointments to sort things out and hopefully net me my referrals.

Huzzah!  So yeah, got those booked in, got complimented on my fine attire in the waiting room, and managed to catch reasonable trains on the way home (which I mostly slept on because I was really running low on steam at that point and starting to come down with a cold).  But hopefully by the end of the year I can basically start to decline further appointments because I’ll have my pile of sexy referral letters.

The squirrels were probably my favourite part of the day :)

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