NFQ Incident Number X: Looking forward to talking about it

Well others have written more about blogging lately and I’ve been missing it, not sure why but shortish form writing of Facebook just doesn’t work for me, although I’m getting the hang of really short form twitter stuff, but again mostly not my thing.

Anyway ideally I’d be writing more about the exciting upcoming game from Aeon Horror – Incident Number X and the cool things I’ve prepared for it, but … its not happened yet, so that would be spoilers.  So yeah, needless to say that regardless of how the game goes (I have faith in the refs and the players to carry it off) I’ve already had a blast on this event just preparing for it and  getting the horrible/weird-humour balance kinda going.

Also the NFQ Staff Board on Facebook has been an excellent pre-game-game as a ramp up into life on the base, which I think has been kind of useful with this change of tone from the normal bleak existential horror to slightly more darkly humorous yet also horrible.

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