And of course, post game discussion

So one thing I find really interesting in post-game communal clear up and relaxing is the chit-chat about other games people want to run and don’t worry, everyones got them :) However I had some sterling ideas for some if I do say so myself.

However I did get tempted to push the boat out a bit, to think about renting somewhere like Eskmeals for a week (you heard me) and getting together 10-12 players way ahead of time (like a year or so) to book holiday for the whole week, and get into character and do the correspondence and set up before they arrive. The idea of a really slow over days creepy build up, and also having enough time for ideas and alliences about non-plot things to go back and forth and get debated around and around is pretty tempting.

Just wondering if it would even be possible to pull it off :)

2 thoughts on “And of course, post game discussion

  1. dango_mew

    Oh the things I would do with a whole week… I’ve had a plot that could only work with a longer period of time for years :) Problem is, I’d want to play AND ref an event like that so badly. And the character hangovers would be the largest thing ever born.

    1. mostlyfoo

      Yeah, I reckon you’d need to do a double weekend rental, run the event Fri-Fri and then use the Sat/Sun possibly Mon for clear up/chill out and getting everyone back together.


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