Meme Response: Colours

“Post about colour.” –

Okay so this is quite an interesting one as it’s not something I really think about that much, yet at the same time the world is awash with colours, so I’m just going to witter a bit I think.

Mostly I don’t really pay attention to the colour of things more than being a part of their form, however I find it is something that in certain moods can draw the eye. Those times when you can really connect with the world, when you’re totally aware of being alive and part of the world, where everything smells fresh and delicious rather than stale, and you can hear the wind in the trees and grass, and birds and animals shifting. These are the kinds of times I find when colour comes alive, when the whole world becomes a brighter spectrum of things.

Particularly Lancaster is good for this when walking across the top of it (by the Park) to and from the Ridge of a spring to autumn day, and the sun breaks the clouds across the bay illuminating the hills, or glinting red off the water and the whole town as it sets.

Those are the sorts of times when I really notice colours.

As for my own tastes in colours as can be noted peoples personal contacts with me I tend to favour baggy concealing clothing, usually plain colours such as blacks, stone washes or dark greens or blues. One day I may wear more bright things but I’m not sure it works for me as a fashion statement.

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