Things to do in Denver when you’re locked out of your machine.

So there I was, suddenly remembering that I was supposed to do a job to unlock a door tomorrow. And I was at home. And our shitty ticketing system runs on Windows only with no good web interface (checked that first) and the only Windows box with the client is my VM at work.

“Shit” thinks I.

But wait! There is light at the end of the tunnel! Behold x11vnc!

Basically I did this to log into my work box and start it up:

$ ssh -t -L 5900:localhost:5900 'x11vnc -localhost  -display :0'

Then this to connect to that, which opened my actual xorg desktop at work, while it was still running over ssh:

$ vncviewer localhost:0

Then nipped over to the VMware player, found the keyboard mapping wouldn’t let me input my password to log onto the damn thing, so poked the VM to enable its remote access (VNC) on port 5901 and then did this from the home box:

$ vncviewer

And Roberts your fathers brother, access to the grumpy VM and from there the ticketing system to remember the times.

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