Rocks Fall: Every one dies slowly over the next 4 hours.

( Well I threatened this as a joke but people took me seriously )

You will be playing members of the newly reformed Lancaster University Urban Spelunkers Guild (LUUSG) as they attempt to revive the society.

The original incarnation of LUUSG took a day trip to London in 2005, upon returning they had a house party, got drunk, a fire started and sadly there were a number of deaths. The society never really recovered, and its possessions (such as they are) laid dormant in the bowels of LUSU until spring of 2010, when some enterprising students decided to reform the society.

Now with the intake from the 2010 Freshers they’re back on their feet. They spent the first three weeks of term doing basic safety, climbing and orientation training, as well as a couple of small expeditions to the old warehouses of Lancaster that exist down by the Lune, and now they’re ready for something a little bigger.

Officially, on paper, the society is in the process of organising a tour of the University boiler houses and infrastructure, with a few looks into the tunnels with the help of Estates, however unofficially plans are afoot.

The exec have drawn lots and 2/3 of them are going, the other 4 places on the trip were allocated among the membership by drawing lots from a hat, and the 6 strong team is ready. And so they’ve packed their bags and taken the train to Manchester and are about to start exploring the old service tunnels under the city.

Some of the members have done some preliminary scouting of the entrances over the summer so you know those are valid. You also managed to obtain a map (well okay, some instructions with some bad ASCII art) from a contact made on the urbex forums which you believe will help you navigate to some awesome bits of ducting and old machine rooms (abandoned since the 2004 BT Tunnel fire). However the main prize of the day is you think these rooms should link you to a bomb shelter rumoured to be hidden deep down under the city according to some gossip one of you picked up from And you think you’re the only people to have connected the dots and worked out that its down there and likely to be sharing tunnels with the more accessible parts, making this a great way to make a name for LUUSG in the community.

And so with some good boots and a couple of gregs steak bakes you’re ready to face the unknown.

Genre: Urban Gnostic Horror
System: Kult (nominally)
Goal: The generation of a certain rarified atmosphere, there will probably be props and lots of darkness. Traumatised players is a win.
Number of Players: 4-6
Characters: 6 pregens will be available, all chirpy happy university students without any dark and sordid histories.
Note for players: Don’t worry if I don’t get enough people, I’ll just skive off to play Cthulhu or UA

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