Hang Cool

Well I’ve a ton of stuff I’m meaning to post on (London trips, written in the style of classic Epics for example) but for now I’ll catch up from the back of the list. A brief bit of muttering about Meat Loaf’s newest album “Hang Cool Teddy Bear”. Now theres a stack of reviews in Google, some of which are overly gushing, some overly critical.

In my opinion its not ground breaking but definitely quite a fun romp through the land of Loaf.

It starts with some quality thumpy drums in Peace On Earth, which leads into some nice guitar work, setting the scene rather.

Living on the Outside follows which reminds me a little of BooH3 in feeling, quite heavy in the beginning before moving into more melodic stuff with classic biking/travelling themes of Loafy goodness.

Los Angeloser then pops up, possibly the best song on the album (or at least the one that seems to get stuck in my head) its got a kind of funky vibe that harks back to earlier times which discussing life.

If I Can’t Have You is very classic Meat Loaf style of romantic rock, which is followed by Love is Not Real (the start of which makes me think of the Peter Gunn theme from Blues Brothers), which fades back into the heavier end (yes I’m pondering graphing this), both good solid tracks.

Like a Rose reminds me a little of Poison circa Flesh & Blood (which is a fantastic album), that could just be the spoony guitars at the start :) Followed by Song of Madness (again BooH3 flavour) once more doing the rock track/metal track pairing, well kind of metal, certainly heavy rock.

Did You Ever Love Somebody is a nice slow relaxing ballady thing, giving a good pause in the middle of the album. Sadly its followed by California Isn’t Big Enough, which is by far the worst track on the whole thing. Some of the lines feel just too long for Meat to shove into the tune, although he tries hard. Still an example of crappy song writing.

Followed by Running Away From Me which wins points for having an awesomely sing alongable chourous that I imagine will be great fun in a car full of people to get everyone chanting, again its got this kind of almost 50s flavour. Lets be in Love seems to go back to slow rocky ballads, and If It Rains which again harks back to some kind of classic rock.

The album finishes with Elvis in Vegas, which is just a bit weird, and … yeah, its not bad, classic rocky travelling style tune.

In Summary:

Its about three different albums intermingled I think, varying between heavier rock, a sort of classic Bat out of Hell/50s flavour Rock and some Rocky Ballads mixed in, I do wonder about sorting out the track order to try and play the different groups of style together.

Anyway a good album, less heavy than Bat out of Hell 3 and a bit more flavoured like Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself, but with its own style.

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