Death before contact

I always find this situation a little sad.

I’ve just been reading June Singer’s Seeing Through the Visible World: Jung, Gnosis, and Chaos and marvelling at the way she seems to tie it all together, being as she retrained as a psychologist in her 40s I think and wrote the book in her 70s.

I was interested to mail her and find out her views on some kabbalic theory she mentions (she brushes over the trinity suggesting it needs another female participant but doesn’t enter the normal YHVH, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter stuff) and also to see if in experiences of modern gnosticism she’d encountered the Thelemic crowd at all, and what she made of it all.

Sadly it would appear she died in 2004. A shame, she seemed so sharp and able to contemplate new theories at even late ages, it would have been fascinating to hear her views.

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