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Well the other day I bumped into this thread at random: Location of Golden Dawn’s Horus Temple in Bradford, in which someone asks where it is, and someone else produces one of the best “Just google it” answers ever seen.

So I stuck the query into Google, this lead to this page The Desecrated Temple of Horus of the Golden Dawn in Bradford, which linked to these videos of the insides. Now this is quite interesting, although I seem to recall seeing a suggestion somewhere (in a comment on youtube?) suggesting that this isn’t the actual GD temple but a related organisation, either way people were doing ritual magick there until the 50s from the suggestion of when the paint was last renewed.

The search also found this: The New Society of the Golden Dawn in Bradford, which is the blog of the new GD temple that people are trying to establish, including a video of the history of the GD there, quite an interesting summary.

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  1. mr_jez

    My old mate Mr X was raised in the Bradford area, and I’m sure he made mention of a search he made in his youth for the old Horus Temple, which must have been back in the late ’80s.

    Most of what crops up in your links fits with stuff I’ve read. I’m also under the impression that many G.D. neophytes in the North-West went to Bradford for their initiation rites, as it was the nearest temple. There are various records of folk travelling over from Liverpool for instance. I seem to recall that the Horus Temple also had strong masonic tendencies, and that it moved to a men-only policy at some point, but I can’t say how reliable that info is.

    Amusing to see some slow panning shots of the local branch of Games Workshop in the history video!

    1. mostlyfoo

      Interesting, are there any photos or paintings of the original GD temple spaces in other places?

      Yeah the GW shop being just next to where this guy lived was a bit weird, but then I find GW shops are always so clean, shiny and plastic they look a bit stuck on to any highstreet older than 5 years.

      1. mr_jez

        You know, I don’t think so. The original members wouldn’t have recorded the details like that, and nowt really survives, as far as I know.

        Leaving aside the (mythical?) Temple No. 1 ‘Licht, Liebe, Leben’ and No. 2 ‘Hermanubis’ we move to No. 3 ‘Isis Urania’ in London. Even before the schism of 1900 this temple moved about a lot, largely between a number of rented masonic halls, so there would have been no murals. No. 4 ‘Osiris’ in Weston-super-Mare was a very small operation with sparse documentation, that is often assumed to have closed after a moderately short time. Now we know a little about No. 5 ‘Horus’ and that leaves No. 6 ‘Amen-Ra’ in Edinburgh, and No. 7 ‘Ahathoor’ in Paris. The latter was run by Samuel and Moina Mathers themselves, but again in various rented premises. I do recall that somewhere I have a book showing images of some of the collages of Egyptian gods and goddesses that Moina made for Ahathoor.

        There were a lot of later offshoots, mainly in Edwardian London, but also elsewhere, including the Stella Matutina, Order of the Morgenrothe and the Alpha et Omega, but I have no idea what sort of premises they may have used.

        Most of the GD temple setting was made up of easily moved props, like the double-cube altar and the banners of east and west, though some items were larger, such as the black and white pillars. The major component of any serious temple operating second order work would be the vault of the adepti (or GD magic shed, as we call it!). These were large and sturdy, and some *may* still be in storage somewhere, though it’s assumed that most were burnt in order to avoid discovery. For my money, finding an *original* of these would be very much the Holy Grail of GD questing!

        1. mostlyfoo

          Indeed the pillars are interesting, but then there are ways of making them solid and also moveable.

          Shame really, could be interesting to see what a full scale GD temple would have looked like.

          What about TOTO? I seem to recall they operated in rented places again, but they seem more likely to have pictures for internal use.

          1. mr_jez

            Steffi had all the GD stuff down from original notebooks, but the material in ‘Hecate’s Fountain’ suggests that our Kenneth went off to a whole different place with his lodge work!

          2. mr_jez

            Yeah, I think a GD temple was designed to be a real ‘total immersion’ experience, with symbols, colours and images all choreographed together. Oh to have been a fly on the wall at the initiation of young Perdurabo in November 1898!

            I believe that a lot of TOTO work was individual and not based on large lodge workings, although there is the New Isis Lodge stuff from 1955-62, and photos of that would be *awesome*! Michael Staley seemed to be hinting at his last talk that the Typhonian Order may be returning to more epic ritual work at some time in the future.

          3. mostlyfoo

            Could be productive, are there any instructions anywhere for requirements and prep? Beyond the basics of “a lot of murals, stars and a couple of pillars” I honestly don’t know that much about GD temple lay outs, which is why I was hoping for pictures as I feel they may capture it.

            I seem to recall Jez mentioning a book in which the Grants reproduce all the sides of the altar and portable temple, but of the more situated temples is there anything?

            On the subject of which isn’t there a modern GD or two? Does anyone know if they’ve got a proper temple anywhere?

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