Polly wanna cracker

Well I got linked (via a link chain) to a really quite interesting article that I thought I’d share.

Polyamory is not about the sex, except when it is by Pepper of the FreakSexual blog.

He/She/It also wrote a fine article on Tips for Practical Nonmonogamy Negotiation which is likewise good reading and probably a good idea for any relationship, poly or not.

EDIT: See also Combichrists “This shit will fuck you up” with various snippets of Disney characters

15 thoughts on “Polly wanna cracker

      1. lucrecia

        Having just finished the first read, it’s certainly interesting. The first article made me twitch a bit in the way I’m inclined to when I get a sense that the “everyone is polyamorous – they just don’t know it” vibe is at work.

        I’m much more of a horses-for-courses type of person, and while the writer does use the “some people are A, other people are B” disclaimer, it didn’t have much chance to stand out.
        Ample bracing time, etc.

        I need to read it a few more times to fully appreciate it or be able to discuss it properly.

        1. mostlyfoo

          Yeah I got a little bit of that, but from my reading I thought it was more accidental. The authors main point (of the first article) seems to be that the sexual aspects need to be talked about, because otherwise we’re setting ourselves up for a fall later.

          The second article just seemed to be good advice in general, talk and keep listening, don’t assume malice on the other parties behalf, know yourself and admit when something hurt you even if you think that it shouldn’t.

          Although thats perhaps just skimming lightly, as you said more re-reading.

        2. mr_jez

          I think that the great majority of presentations from folk who are very enthusiastic about their lifestyle contain an undercurrent that can feel a bit preachy at times. It’s only when they say, “We are the future!” with a straight face that you roll your eyes, wish them good luck, and stand well back… ;o)

          I’ve only skimmed the articles (not entirely my cup o’tea!), and I found them fairly clear, well meant, but a bit wordy, and with that ‘Californian’ flavour that sometimes jars, when over on this side of the pond.

          1. mostlyfoo

            Interesting, I always just assumed they had a standard play-book (as it were) and told junior artists that this is “The Disney Way(tm)” and they should use these poses for these types of situations, and after a while it just became second nature to them.

            But those are really precisely reused, which you’d only get from a side-by-side.

            I wonder if it’ll happen more with digital stuff? Animation sequences being reused just with different skins, props and skeletons?

    1. mostlyfoo

      Well said that man, with talking and listening many things become easier. I think another case of More haste, less speed.

      Also I’ve not seen that advert before, and it was most fine :)

  1. silent_wrong_me

    Thank you, that was interesting

    I can’t help feeling that it’s just not that complex
    People are different, some like football, some like chips, some like sex with multiple people, at once or seperately.
    We should all be happy with each other, accept our differences, but not necassarily get involved if it’s not what we want for ourselves.

    Be Excellent To Each Other… And True To Ourselves?


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