Events and Free Stuff

First off Mish is trying to organize a group trip down to Manchester Pride Parade this year. It’s Saturday 29th August, starting at 1pm. Further details on train times and so forth will be forthcoming later.

Secondly an Advert for the free stuff:

Are you tired of your invisibility?
Want to stop fading into the background of statistics?
Feel that your relationships/sex/fantasies span people of more than one gender?
Want to be told your going through a phase, are greedy and to get off the fence?

Then you need new Badges!

Well okay the adverts a little misleading.

In an effort to reduce the amount of assumptions that get made about people, to enable people to show their either not-straight or a supporter of those who aren’t straight I’m going to be making a bulk order to Lavender Lifestyles for a stock of badges.

I will buy a badge for the first five people who respond to this saying “I’d like a badge like that one” (and give me a link to a badge they want) and everyone after the first five I’ll just pay for your postage.

Hows about that eh?

(p.s. Whilst I’m feeling badgey see also: TSRs ownership badges and nice triskelions with holes in and phipaws)

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