I’m pondering buying a Wii due to actually being paid money now and fancying something for casual gaming, group gaming and quick bits here and there, since I don’t think I can describe myself as a srs gamer much these days.

What are people who own such things view on them? Any extra bits and bobs I should think about getting (battery packs and chargers for wiimotes? Do I need some kind of SD storage plugin shinanigans?) Anything I should know? Is house of the dead overkill really that sick and wrong? Preowned Wii’s from gamestation any good? Will Adam post a message saying “ha ha” at me for finally folding and talking about buying from Nintendo?

Comments welcome.

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  1. dango_mew

    Try and get Wiiplay as cheap as possible, it has extra wiimote and trains you to use the wiimote, plus its pretty fun ^^
    Don’t bother with the Wii-zapper, it’s a little bit pants (in my opinion).
    Best games I got for it are Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Warioware, Resident evil 4 and Umbrella chronicles, Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess.
    Theres a LOT of shit games out there for it though, escpecially Alone in the dark, which is so buggy I can’t complete it.
    Battery charger is a GREAT idea, they did have some on sale in Game the other month, and you save a lot of money in the long run.
    House of the dead should be fun, let me know how you get on with it ^_^
    Thats all the advice I have… not much, considering I got my Wii on release day. Gu gu guuu~

  2. caerwiden

    You need lots of space if you’re going to play the more energetic games and have the most fun.

    The only extra thing you really need is another Wiimote and nunchuk combo. So yeah, pick up Wii Play and find a cheap nunchuk.

    Kari and I have the battery charger thing, but to be honest, if you’ve already got rechargeable batteries and a charger you’d be better off using those instead, since you can use them for more than one purpose.

    A Wii should be perfect for your needs though.

    Oh yeah, the Wii Board with the right gaes is quite fun to use.

  3. mr_verne

    I concur with Dango, Twightlight Princess and SUper Smash Bros are decent games (can’t comment on the others as I haven’t played them).

    +1 to getting WiiPlay and a nunchuck.

  4. captain_carrot

    I’ve found after the initial rush of fun with ours it didn’t hold interest as much as the 360 or PC, but maybe that’s because i’m more of a gamer than you. It’s still by far and away the most fun for both party games and multiplayer. As people said, get Wii Play for a cheap Wiimote, then get another nunchuck. You can get World of Goo on WiiWare! Get a bog standard SD card for using in it if you plan to download much stuff like old SNES games or whatever, as the disk in it is quite small. Otherwise don’t bother. We don’t actually ever really plan any ‘standard’ game son it, just Wii Fit sometimes and World of Goo at the mo.

    1. silent_wrong_me

      The man has a point. i moved into the house 6 monsh ago. The Wii hasn’t been turned on yet. At all
      You want games, i got games i haven’t evne turned on… ok, i am a lot less of the fan of the wii as i was


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