The Bells! The Bells!

So I was just in the super secret basement machine room, picking up pointy crap and listening to some drilling above the room (well I thought it was there) when I became aware that there was an alarm going off in fact a two tone alarm. So we legged it with 28 seconds to spare and phoned the office.

Turns out the drilling was from next door and they’d somehow created a mountain of dust, one brief panic and arrival of the fire brigade later things all sorted themselves out.

7 thoughts on “The Bells! The Bells!

      1. erikofviking

        Just as well really though it’s my understanding that it needs double knock to trigger the gas. Particles in the air would only provide one I think.

        Fucking retarded contractors.

        1. mostlyfoo

          Well could have been something else, Anderson’ll have the full story, but the particle detector for one side was going off from memory, no idea what they were doing, by the time I realised they’re was someone next door the fire brigade and most of ISS had arrived.


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