Good things that make the day

Okay so today has sucked in some ways, didn’t get a chance to make lunch in time so had to buy it (my own fault), spent the day looking at random too small office furniture (srsly our office piled about a desks worth of crap on it and it was overflowing, we can’t use them) and lots of small jobs.

Got home to find that there was a bit of glass in my boot that has stuck a hole in my big toe before quietly hiding in the corner of my boot being well behaved, so had to bind up my toe with a plaster to keep it intacted.

However this was all made up for by the fineness of doing iaido. Everything seemed to flow, there were mistakes, but their causes were spotted and fixed, balance seemed okay, relaxing a bit more seemed okay, the cuts went to shit a bit, but mostly they were okay. Its one of those fun activities where everything just flows right that reminds you how fine a day can be.

And its followed by slightly spicey sausage sarnies on fresh bread. Omnomnom

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